Women’s Haircuts 2012

Women’s haircuts 2012 are all about revival, evolutions, creativity and glamorous! You can see some of the best 2011 haircuts are reborn, which cuts are offering reworked and revivals of styles that sit perfectly with the year’s fashion trends.

And also, some of them are reflected from the most iconic styles of the 20th century, infuse them with quality, and it is the basis for the dominant styles of 2012.

Short haircuts

Short hair has always been in style, and now the pixie and bob cut is considered the most stylish short haircut in 2012. A few wispy layers make this cut a little more feminine than the standard crop cut, while retaining a level of sexiness and sass. While the pixie cut works best on women with fine features, it can be manipulated to work on any face shape and size. Applying a bold hair color with the pixie haircut can draw attention away from your features. The bob is basically a blunt cut, making the hair appear to be cut in one straight line. The bob is a versatile look allowing many length options including the short bob that falls right around the ears, the chin-length bob, and the shoulder-length bob. Bangs or asymmetrical cuts are also options, which add a different twist to the traditional bob. Discuss length and other styling options with your stylist to discover which version of the bob is best suited for you.

Medium Haircuts

Medium hair offers a versatile cut. They are chic and stylish, but can still be pulled up into a ponytail and other updo’s. Medium haircuts usually fall somewhere between right underneath the chin and right under the shoulder blade. Today’s most stylish medium cuts take advantage of layers to add texture and dimension. Chipped or razored ends allow for a more creative style, which is why they are also extremely popular. Either blunt bangs or side bangs can also be added to the layered medium haircut to enhance the modern look.

Long Choppy Layers

If you’re not willing to chop off all of your hair, you can consider long choppy layers. Choppy layers are a little more irregular than the standard long layers. This provides a slightly edgier look while still maintaining your long luscious hair.

Long  Straight Haircut

Straight haircut is the easiest to carry. If you want to flaunt your hair length, get a straight haircut. It falls into place on its own. You don’t need to do any styling for a straight haircut. But you have to instruct your hairstylist to cut finely, as it has to be perfectly even in length. The smallest mistake is visible in this type of haircut, so check carefully to see that the length of the hair is the same all over.

 Long Layered Haircuts

For a long layered haircut, the back hair is trimmed in a straight cut or ‘U’. The front hair is trimmed into delicate layers; the shortest layer starts below the chin and gradually increases in length as you go to the sides. Finally, the hair can be rolled up inside to achieve a fashionable look

The Example Styles of Women’s Haircuts 2012



These were are some ideas of women’s haircuts 2012. When considering a new haircut, you should think about your body type first. Tall women with straight hair and boyish figures could look like pinheads with a pixie haircut. If you are cute and petite, you should avoid super long hair which can dwarf a tiny body. Then, if you’re not really sure about your choice, it’s okay to ask your hairstylist before you get a new haircut. In addition, with your hairstylist you can achieve the best results instead. So, better to ask and don’t hesitate to try out some ideas above. Good luck!





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