Widow’s Peak Hairstyles for Men

The widow’s peak is a classic sign of male-pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. In this condition, the front hairline recedes at both corners, resulting in the M-shaped front hairline known as a widow’s peak. A widow’s peak is often the first symptom of a receding hairline. In this type of hair loss, the hair thins out and gradually disappears at the corners of the front hairline, leaving a strip or peak of hair in the middle bang area.

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Styling hair with a widow’s peak can be challenging, but it is not impossible.  The condition progresses with age; men in advanced stages are usually completely bald on top of their head with a little bit of hair left growing around the base of the skull.


Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, causes 95 percent of hair-loss cases, according to Medical News Today. DHT, a byproduct of the male hormone testosterone, builds up in the scalps of people genetically predisposed to hair loss. The presence of DHT leads to hair loss in a couple of ways. First, DHT blocks vital nutrients from getting to the dermal papilla, the hair follicle structure responsible for hair growth. Inadequate nutrition causes slow hair growth and shortens the growing phase or lengthens the resting stage of individual hairs, resulting in hair loss. DHT also shrinks hair follicles, causing hair to become thinner in diameter. Eventually, follicles shrink until the hair falls off, and the follicle becomes

Considerations depends on the face shape

Before you decide on a specific hair style you should first define your suitability for widows peak hairstyles for men in that the shape of your face will suit some hair styles more so than others. There are seven recognized face shapes; oval, triangular, square, round, heart, rectangular or oblong and diamond.

To find out if widows peak hair styles for men will suit you, look in the mirror to see if you can readily identify with one of these shapes.If you have any difficulty deciding which of these shapes best suits widows peak hairstyles for men, then ask the opinion of a close friend who will give you an honest opinion.

You can change the look of the shape of your face by styling your hair in different ways. An oval shape is often described as a perfect face shape. If you are lucky enough to have an oval shape you can adopt almost any variation of widows peak hairstyles for men. If not, you can change the lines with different hairstyles to soften or enhance your features.
The Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men

  1. Barber shop or military flat tops are perfect for men who have a widow’s peak and do not care if it shows. The shape of the front hairline when a widow’s peak is present lends itself to this style. Clipped extremely close on the back and sides, the flat top is a head clinging style that tapers into a flat, spiky top, hence the name.
  2. Fades features closely cropped hair on the sides and back. The hair gradually gets longer at the curve of the top of the head. The bangs are worn down on the forehead or pushed up in the center. Perfect for hiding a thinning hairline, the fade is a favorite among men. However, care must be taken to leave the hair directly behind the thin patches slightly longer. If the hair is cut too short, the bangs will appear thinner and/or shorter in the corners.
  3. If you prefer longer hair, the shag delivers. The shag hairstyle is basically any style in which the hair is left 2 inches or longer and cut at approximately the same length all over the head. Popular among skaters, musicians and business men alike, the shag offers versatile styling and plenty of hair to hide thin spots.


Two main treatments exist for androgenetic alopecia, according to the Mayo Clinic. Minoxidil, an over-the-counter topical treatment, helps some people slow the progression of hair loss and, in some cases, grow new hair. Finasteride, an oral medication available by prescription, has more success at slowing loss and increasing growth, but it has several side effects, including diminished sexual function. Any progress made with either of these treatment options completely reverses once treatment is stopped.









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