Wen Hair Care Reviews

If you looking for good hair care, perhaps you should give a try for wen hair care. Wen hair care products are advertised to be the best product that you can possibly get in the market right now. Be it on the Internet, radio, or your television sets, Wen products are talked about everywhere. WEN Hair Care products are designed for people who want to explore more natural, less damaging alternatives to traditional hair care.  The products do not contain sulfates and detergents, which are known to remove the natural oils from our hair and leave us with dry, frizzy, damaged hair.

WEN claims that their products are for every hair type from fine to dry to oily and everywhere in between. Wen products for hair care are a creation of the famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, who has given hair care a completely different approach. Proper hair care is one of the important, yet difficult aspects when it comes to grooming yourself. Sounds promised, doesn’t? But do they really work? and oh you are not really in trust with this product? then you need some Wen hair care reviews to be a reference. We found some reviews for these product, that might be a consideration in deciding.

 Review 1#

According to the manufacturers, Wen Hair Care System gets rid of frizzy, color treated, coarse, and dry hair that are damaged with heat, chemicals, coloring, and styling; within a short time span of three weeks. But did the users of this product experience the change in 3 weeks? The answer can be given in both affirmation and negation, as there are mixed reviews about Wen. Well, don’t get disheartened by this statement as not everything suits everybody, right? What may work for you might not work for your friend. The same is the case with this product. While some people feel that Wen has proved to be a blessing for their hair, some say that it has made their hair worse than ever!

Review 2#

According to Chaz Dean, the regular shampoos that we use on our hair contain harsh chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate. These chemicals cause the shampoo to lather up, when they are mixed with water. Although shampoo helps in cleaning the hair, it also strips away its natural oils. On the other hand, Wen cleansing conditioner not only cleanses, but also aids in soothing, moisturizing and strengthening the hair without lathering. Rather, the conditioner has the texture of thick and rich cream. Most Wen shampoo reviews read that this product is best for women who have very thin hair. Those who have used it say that it added volume to their hair and made it look very beautiful. Another thing that people like about this product is that this shampoo is available in various fragrances which include tea tree, fig, sweet almond mint, cucumber aloe, etc. Although women who have used this product say that the shampoo gives a very mild smell, there are many who have stopped using it because of its smell. Here, you can also gain some more information on volumizing hair products.

Review 3#

On one hand where we see satisfied clients, there are many who feel that they have spent their money over something that is absolutely worthless. Some reviews state that the product is nothing what it claims to be. There are three aspects which seem to be the reason for customer dissatisfaction. These are the paying more money without any results, the quantity, and the customer care service. Yes, the product is a little heavy on the pocket when compared to regular shampoos, but that is justified because of obvious reasons. Consumers also say, that unlike other shampoos, one needs to use more quantity of Wen to wash the hair, which means that the product tends to get over very soon. This is because this product doesn’t contain SLS (which is a good thing) and therefore there is no lather formed during the washing of hair. We all are accustomed to the belief that the more is the lather, the better is the cleaning, but that is not the case. Therefore, people who are used to washing their hair with foam, are not happy with this product. Also, the product is very heavy and you need to wash it thoroughly again and again to clean your hair and scalp completely. Speaking of the effect of the product on the hair, there are some who think that Wen has made their hair more oily and sticky, and therefore they mix regular shampoo with it for better cleaning of the scalp. There are consumers who feel that the product has increased their hair fall. As far as the money back guarantee is concerned, the customer service seems to be of no help. You are advised to send the product back, which takes weeks, and then the money is refunded, which takes another 6 weeks. In fact, some users say that they never got their money back, and the customer care representatives also seem to be unhelpful and indifferent.

Review 4#

Chaz Dean himself stated that, “The most reluctant clients become the most loyal and dedicated.” Standing true to this statement, there are some clients who actually vouch for this product and can’t imagine their life without it! For customers who have dry, frizzy hair with split-ends, Wen has made their hair softer, shinier, and manageable. In fact, they say that after using when, their hair can look fabulous even without washing them everyday. Another positive thing about this product is that it is chemical free. So you are rest assured that nothing “artificial is affecting your scalp” and the natural oils of the scalp are intact. You can confidently use Wen even if you are living in the hot and humid places. Many people say that Wen hair product also limits the occurrence of split ends and makes the hair lush and full. Hence, one can say that Wen products protect the hair from the dryness by moisturizing them, and provide a rich mane without the damaged strands.

Review 5#

I’ve been using Wen for 6 months and absolutely love it, however this was not how it was at first! Like many others, I signed up for the trial offer that came in “sweet almond mint”. It did actually leave my hair feeling weighed down and greasy. So I called customer service (barely a wait time which was good!) and made sure they canceled my autoshipment and i sent the bottle back and just paid shipping (UPS ground).  I agree with other users that it’s best to order from amazon or qvc because you can save on shipping costs, but this stuff really does work! Just make sure you order the right one for your hair type.

Review 6#

Click the video wen hair care reviews from youtube below :

Wen Hair Care Reviews

When reading or watching WEN Hair Care reviews, some users complained about oily hair.  Because WEN Hair Care products are shampoo-free, not using the appropriate amount of Cleansing Conditioner can cause problems with excessive product build-up that leaves hair oily or weighed down.

We think WEN Hair Care products have gotten a bad rap in some reviews for the wrong reasons.  When you dig into customer reviews by those who are satisfied with how they received their purchase and are correctly applying the products, a majority of users are happy. For sure, you can experiment with yourself, try one of these products because if it works for you, you will be able to flaunt healthy and gorgeous looking hair.





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