Wacky Hairstyles For Girls and Guys

Want to try out some crazy ideas for your hair style? then you certainly would be thinking about all kinds of wacky hairstyles to style your tresses in. If you are confused as to which hairstyle will look good on you, you can either surf the Internet or take a look at fashion magazines. Be on a lookout for celebrities or models sporting the crazy look.

You just need to go wild and unleash your imagination and come up with an unconventional hairdo that will grab everyone’s attention. Mentioned below are some ideas of wacky hairstyles for girls and guys!

Wacky Hairstyles for Girls

Girls, there is no end to what you can do with your hair. To get wacky hairstyles you could also plait hair to get the scrunchy look. If you have shoulder-length hair, make small ponytails and put cute clips. You could curl your hair on one side and leave the other side straight. In case you have short hair, you could add lots of spray to don the spiky look. You could also use wacky wigs. You could braid all your hair and use these braids to make buns and put bands and clips around the buns. A lot can be done, all you need to do is add colorful and shiny accessories to attract attention. If you have long hair, you could place a ball or a cone on your head, cover it with your own hair or a hair piece and tie a band or ribbons around it to make it look wacky.

Or you can go with gothic hairstyles. The best thing about the Gothic hairstyles is their stark contrasts. Gothic hairstyles are predominantly jet black or black hair with shades of various unusually funky colors like purple, red and metallic blue. These are ‘falling’ hairstyles which can be worn with or without hair extensions. You can style Gothic hairstyles according to your choice. For instance, you can get long romantic hair with a nice corset top. Or you can also opt for a Gothic beehive updo hairstyles. Today, the professional hairstylists also incorporate some exciting punk hairstyles with the Gothic hairstyles. It is a funky and trendy version of the Goth haircuts.

Bun-hawk hairdo will also look great. For bun-hawk hairstyle, first shampoo your hair and comb them to get rid of any entangled hair. Part your hair, and take hair strands forming a rectangular section from the middle of your head. Use a cute elastic band to tie them. Twist the hair to make a bun. Similarly, you could take strands and make buns in the middle part and at the back of your head and tie them with cute bands. Once, you have made the buns, put flowers or tie cute ribbons around the buns. This style will certainly be a good choice for crazy hair day.

Dreadlock styles go with all lengths of hair, it may be long, short or average. Dreadlock style is said to be one of the natural hairstyles due to the pattern in which the hair are made to grow. Preparing dreadlocks is quite an easy job. For wacky look, you can coloring your dreadlock style with green, pink, or red color.

Besides, these hairstyles, you could try the bizarre look by dying your hair in bright colors such as pink or purple. You could make your hair stand up by generously using a hair spray. Adding volume to your hair will also do the trick. Those who have short hair can try spiking their hair and use all kinds of colors to get a wacky look. Punk hairstyles will also work wonders for those who want a bizarre look for the crazy hair day.

Let’s see some pictures of wacky hairstyles for girls below!

Wacky Hairstyles for Guys

The Mohawk look will never lose out in the battle for crazy hairdos. For styling your hair in this funky hairdo, you will need to closely shave the hair along the sides of the head, while keeping a strip of hair from the crown of the head to the back of the neck. The next thing you need to do is use a gel for spiking your hair. To make it look wacky, dye the ends of the hair in bright colors. Besides the spiky look, you could just get a part of your head shaved or get funny images or messages carved on your head.

On the other hand, how about the Albert Einstein hairstyle? Originally derived from older photos of the evolutionary scientist Albert Einstein, the “Einstein” hair cut is one that resembles the slacker who neglects attention to his hair. Looking as if the man just recently roused from a heavy slumber, the Einstein haircut actually takes a bit of work, according to Latest Hairstyles. Variations of the Einstein may at times resemble the 80s classic “Flock of Seagulls” hairdo, another timeless hair masterpiece that appears a bit more manicured than the truly messy “Einstein.”

Guys with curly hair could try various cornrow designs or try the braided look. Asymmetrical haircuts have long hair, you could try a hairstyle which mixes both long and short hair. Leave few long strands dangling along with your short hair. Funky punk hairstyles such as liberty spikes, reverse Mohawk or beaver are also worth a mention. These could also lend an element of wackiness to your personality.

Lastly, hair dye is a simple way to make your hair look wacky. Almost every color of the rainbow is available in hair dye. For a really crazy look, try blue, green, yellow, pink, gold, silver, purple, orange or any other color that is dramatically different then your natural color. For an even wackier look, try using more then one color on your hair.

Let’s take a look some pictures of wacky hairstyles for guys below!

Wacky hairstyles is only for the brave. This hairstyles is going to be the center of attention in all the time. The wacky hairstyles are only requires a distinct creativity to achieve it. For those of you who like a different wacky hairstyle, just try some ideas above and unleash your imagination!









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