Updo Hairstyles For Prom

Prom night is coming! and everything around you is ready. The best picked dress, matching shoes, glittering clutch with all the wanted compacts and accessories in it, but the most important part is missing! what have you thought about your hairstyle? Try updos hairstyles then. And now you looking for fancy updo hairstyles for prom? No worry gals! in this article, some updo hairstyles for prom will be covered together, just meant for you:

Side Low Bun

A low bun done well to the side also makes for an elegant updo hairstyle for a prom! Wash, condition and blow dry your hair and keep hairspray at the ready. Comb back all your hair, and take it to one side at the nape. Now begin to roll your hair slowly and neatly, and fasten the end with either a clip or a tight band. Add on some sparkling small pins all around the bun to give it that elegant look!

Loose bun

If you looking for classy look, loose bun can be great on you!Start with a side part. Comb hair into a loose bun. Use a curling iron to define the gentle, face-framing waves. Apply a dab of styling wax to the ends of hair!

Half Up Half Down Updo

The quickest way to give yourself a makeover is to change the way you style your hair. It is less drastic than cutting your hair and definitely less expensive than buying new clothes. One of the best updo hairstyles for prom is the half up half down hairstyle, that is much in vogue is the half up half down hairstyle. But, How to do? Its quite simple; First shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and anti frizz conditioner. Apply styling mousse to your damp hair and distribute it evenly through the length of your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally or blow dry it with a hair dryer. Next curl the length of your hair using a curling iron. Make sure that you use the larger barrel for curling your hair as you need quite loose and soft curls. Once you are done curling your hair, take a four-inch section of hair from the front and tease it with a rattail comb. Once you have adequate volume, pull hair back towards the crown and pin it in place with bobby pins. While pinning your hair, make sure that you lift the hair slightly at the top, so that you create more volume. Spritz some hair spray on your hair to set the style.

Elegant Messy Updo

For this updo, first shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner. Apply a volumizing hairspray to your hair and then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair. Tease the front section of your hair with a fine toothed comb to create volume. Create soft and loose curls to the rest of your hair by using a medium barreled curling iron. Gently run your fingers through the curls to create extra volume. Make a low ponytail with your hair and secure the ponytail with an elastic band. Twist the ponytail to create a messy bun and pin it in place with a few bobby pins. You can also use hair combs to keep the bun in place. Allow the curls to hang loose from the bun creating a soft look. Apply a final spritz of strong hold hairspray to hold the bun hairstyle in place.

Simple Twist Updo

How to do?smooth volumizing mousse through hair while it’s still wet. Let air-dry. Then, twist top layers around a medium-barrel curling iron. Pull one tendril down asymmetrically across face and curl with a small-barrel curling iron. Pull the rest of hair back into a pretty bun or chignon. Secure with plenty of bobby pins. Done!

Strand Twists

So, another twist would be you’re an option besides simple twist, and it’s a strand twist updo. Strand twists are quite popular in African-American women. You need to make sections of about 2 inches and go on working section by section. Take a section, tw

The Border Braid

How to do it? Part hair in center. On one side, french-braid a small section of hair along the edge of the face, ending at the nape of the neck. Secure, and then repeat on the opposite side. Twist the two braids and the remaining hair on the back of the head together into a loose bun or chignon.

Cute Chignon

This is kind a classic chignon! so easy and simple for you. How to do? Prep hair with mousse, especially  for your fine hair. Tease at the crown, then comb back into a low ponytail. Loop it around itself and secure with pins to create the soft chignon. Mist with a medium-hold finishing spray that will provide hold with soft texture. Don’t forget to use accessories.

French Braids

French braids can be worn to the side or woven with ribbons and adorned with flowers to make them prom appropriate. Try a reverse French braid or a four-strand braid for a change of pace. And French braids, one on each side, that meet at the nape of the neck and form a braided cascade are so pretty!  To add fullness and help dress up the basic braid, try curling your hair first. Use either a medium barrel curling iron or rollers curl your hair first. Don’t brush out the curls, but rather finger comb your hair. Now, try a traditional braid or French braid. Curling the hair first gives the braid texture and fullness and transforms the plain, boring braid into a classy prom style. To keep the braid from looking too stuffy, let some of the hair fall loose. If you lose some of the strands while you’re braiding, especially some of the shorter strands along the hairline, let them fall. Leave them as they are or try curling them into little wisps that frame your face.

Grown Up Braid

To create this grown-up braid, start with a deep side part. On the side of the head with more hair, make a reverse french braid by crossing strands under rather than over while braiding. End the braid at the back of the head. Pull back remaining hair on the opposite side of the head and combine it with the end of the braid. Secure in a low ponytail. Tease or curl the ends for locks.

Then, take a look the pictures below!

Above are some ideas updo hairstyles for prom given for you. You know, you should have best prom updos to look best at your prom. And it’s a must! There are different prom hairstyles are available besides the styles above . Some girls like informal hairstyle. However, to look beautiful on prom day, the best solution is updo.  Prom updos are of different types. It can be romantic, stylish.  Updo hairstyles for prom also depend on type of hair that is long hair updos, short hair updos and medium hair updos.  It is important to choose prom updos style which suits your hair type and also complement your prom dress or gown and jewelry. Make sure, you are going to choose prom updos which suits you most so that you can enjoy prom. Cheers!







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