Unique and Crazy Hairstyles for Men

Women needn’t be the only ones with the freedom to express themselves with crazy hairstyles but men also had interest with the ‘’ crazy’’ hairstyle. Many men want a neat and easy hairstyle that allows them to blend in with society; however, some men want to explore personal expression with crazy hair. There are many “crazy” options for men with all different hair types.

Mentioned below are some crazy hairstyles for men.  Check it out!


The Mohawk is a classic punk haircut; it usually consists of a medium-sized strip of hair that extends from the center of the forehead all the way to the nape of the neck, with the sides of the hair shaved. The hair is usually spiked. There are also variations of the Mohawk; some men will lay their Mohawk down or sweep it all to one side. The early 2000s saw an increase in the popularity of the faux hawk. For the faux hawk, the sides of the hair are not completely shaved, but instead are graduated up into a spiky hawk. Often, Mohawks are colored intensely, with green and red being two very popular colors.

Bald or Buzz

To stand out with a short style, make the most of shape and angles. Bald ‘dos and buzz cuts are classic looks that never go out of style and allow for plenty of creative accents, such as shaved-in designs and crazy colors. The spiked look is ideal for men with slightly longer-than-buzz-cut hair, while guys with curly hair can opt for cornrows of varying patterns, colors and lengths.

The Emo

The “Emo” look is particularly popular in many parts of the world, especially Japan. To get this look, simply part hair on the side, “muss up” using your hands and add gel or mousse to hold in place. It helps to have some longer pieces in the front, but can be done with any cut of 2 inches or long.

Gothic Frizzed Hairstyle

Gothic hairstyles are the merging of different social cultures, which include punk and emo. The styling of gothic hairstyles does not fit into the mainstream culture of proper hairstyling, and the main goal of those who adopt this look is to seem mysterious and dark. For men, gothic hairstyles can highlight their personality as one who does not give in or even care about mainstream media acceptance. To adopt the classic gothic male hairstyle, the hair must be grown to at least 8 inches from scalp to tip. After the hair has reached its ideal length, use a flat-iron to straighten your bangs and position them to either frame the eyes or fall over the eyes for a more dynamic appearance. With a comb grab a section of hair that measures 3 inches wide. Holding the tip of the hair with your fingers, use the comb to slightly tease the hair so it looks frizzed; repeat this process until the entire head, minus the bangs, is bellowing out. Press down the sides and back of your hair so that it slightly frames your head. With ultra-hold hairspray, douse the hair to ensure it does not move out of place. To add a dramatic appearance, dye your hair jet black and add deep blue lowlights.


Although the updo is traditionally a style for women, many men have sported the updo. David Beckham put hair clips in his hair to maintain the spiky, off-the-face look that helped make him famous. Men like Boy George and Rastafarians have had braids of various sizes, colors and lengths. Just because a man has a ponytail does not mean that he has to be boring; he can easily throw in a few braids near the forehead that look interesting when pulled back. These braids could be dyed an interesting color.

As an examples, let us see some pictures of crazy hairstyles for men below!

Again, something different sometime needed guts. If you are not really sure to wear this crazy hairstyle then choose the “common” or easy ones for men. Crazy hairstyles for men are a reflection from rebellion and the eccentric side, that could be unleash it to get the very different look for men.







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