Tween Boy’s Hairstyles

The tween years are a popular time to experiment with fashion and personal style. For tween boys hairstyles may not get as much attention as those of girls, but with the advent of tween heartthrobs and superstars with notable locks, like  Justin Bieber, more boys are conscious of their hairstyle.

Fortunately, the options are not as endless as they are for girls. Teen boys wear a variety of hairstyles to match with a variety of personalities, and tween hairstyles for tween-boys are still all fairly classic.

Crew Cut

Possibly the simplest and most classic of popular tween hairstyles for tween-boys, the crew cut gets its inspiration from the military. Known for its low maintenance and clean-cut look, crew cuts among boys have been popular for years. There’s no need to style a crew cut; just make sure to shave hair short all across the head when pursuing the style. This style can be achieved at home or at a barber shop.

Layered Hairstyles

Short and layered hairstyles are easily adapted to other styles. You can put product in and style it, or go without and still look cool. You can choose on a day-to-day basis what you want to do with this style, giving yourself a fresh look whenever you want. You can also choose to have layers at different hair lengths, so if you decide to grow your hair out, you won’t have to cut it first in order for it to look good.

The Sweeping Shag

Made famous by Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson and California surfers, the shag-style haircut allows boys to grow their hair a little longer and not worry too much about styling or upkeep. The upside to this style is that it requires little effort, yet gives off a cool and relaxed vibe. It is recommended that hair be kept above the shoulders and allowed to grow long, but only just past the nape of the neck. Hair in this style is often parted at the side, with hair sweeping a bit across the boy’s forehead.


Pioneered by 90s boy bands, this style has staying power in every sense. Boys wearing this style will usually wear their hair short, almost buzzed, on the sides with the hair longer on top. This way, the top and front part of the hair can be spiked up using gel, mousse or a similar hair product. The general effect is a clean, close crop cut with sharp spikes right above the boy’s forehead.

The example pictures of tween boys hair styles

These were a few tween hairstyles for tween-boys. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to experimenting with your hair, this is 2012…young man!be creative!  Choose one of the tween boys hairstyles above the most you like or for another idea you can surf it at internet or find it at fashion magazine. To get the best result you can visit your favorite salon in the downtown. Cheers!






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