The Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles for Men

A widow’s peak is an area in the center of the forehead where the hairline dips down to a point, instead of having a hairline that is a straight line above the forehead.

People with widow’s peaks have distinctive V-shaped hairlines. The name comes from a headdress worn by mourning widows in the 16th century. A “widow’s peak” is determined by genetics and caused by a dominant gene. Unlike the name suggests, it is common in both men and women. Since a “widow’s peak” is inherited, a hair stylist cannot create it. However, certain hair styles can amplify it, making it more prominent.

Do you have a widows peak and feel self-conscious about your hairline? then you’ve thought for some good ways to fix it?Actually, nothing can “fix” a widows peak, or make it grow differently. But wait, of course there’s a solution for a widow’s peak.  Especially for men, all you need to do is choose the best widow’s peak hairstyles for men.  Some good ideas are provided in here. Let’s start reading :

Flat top

This is one of the best widow’s peak hairstyles for men that really perfect for those of you who doesn’t really care if it shows.  The shape of the front hairline when a widow’s peak is present lends itself to this style. Clipped extremely close on the back and sides, the flat top is a head clinging style that tapers into a flat–spiky top. And imo this is one of the most coolio hairstyle for men.

The Buzz Cut or Crew Cut

For another idea of  widow’s peak hairstyles for men; you can go with buzz cut/crew cut.  Ask a stylist for a buzz or crew cut. “Widow’s peak” is more obvious on short hairstyles.

Banged UP

Side parts and soft, swooping bangs are perfect ways to work with your widow’s peak. Also, fun, spiky undercut bangs blend nicely with a descending v hairline, providing a stylish face-framing effect.

The Splits Style

Your widow’s peak might act like a cowlick, causing unwanted splitting along your hairline. To coerce it to behave, start with damp hair and focus the air flow from your blow-dryer down toward the peak, tautly pulling hair over and around it to blend.

The Shag

The shag hairstyle is basically any style in which the hair is left 2 inches or longer and cut at approximately the same length all over the head. Popular among skaters, musicians and business men alike, the shag offers versatile styling and plenty of hair to hide thin spots.

The Swept Forward and To The Sides

The best haircuts  to hide it are those that are swept forward and to the sides. Forward swept bangs work very well. Parting the hair on one side or the other is also an option. Of course, one may opt for a conservative cut that allows him to style the hair using random spikes all over the top of the head for that “bed head” appearance as well.

Avoid any style that directs the hair away from the face.  Such styles include feathered styles,  the mullet and old-fashioned tonic styles. When it comes to hair color, stay light. Dark color shades accentuate thin spots and allow observers to peer through your hair to the scalp. Then if you  must create a straighter hairline, avoid shaving, which can leave an obvious stubbly line. Instead, consider tweezing, but don’t go overboard. Your widow’s peak makes you uniquely you, so you don’t have to shy or hide it. But when choosing a hairstyle, focus on your overall face shape instead, whether it’s heart, square, oval, or round. Good luck!






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