Trendy Haircuts 2012

Being a fashionista is all about knowing what’s in and what’s out, so if you feel that you need to catch up on the latest trends in trendy haircuts 2012 — then you must read this article to add your insight! Trendy haircut can give you a complete makeover in minutes. It can take away years from your face and add a skip in your stride. A new haircut can totally change the way you look and even give your face a new shape. The best part about haircuts for this year, is that they are extremely low maintenance and versatile.

For Women

One of the popular short haircuts 2012 is the short bob. Get a short bob cut, with the hair trimmed into a little U shape. Cut the back hair shorter near the nape of the neck, and the side hair near the ears. Then cut the front hair into bangs, which are long and tapering. Cut the bangs into parts so that they look well separated and fall on your eyes.

The trend of short crops which are dyed with bright colors is ‘in’. Also, these styles look very unique and appealing. So, get your hair cut into real short crops like a buzz or into a cute pixie with long bangs. Then dye your hair with some hot color like red, green, or blue. If you don’t want to go for such a dramatic color then consider dyeing your hair into platinum blonde or raven black.

If you have long or medium hair then try the layered cut. Get your hair cut into layers from the chin to below, keep the layered cut very subtle, and keep the hair trimmed into a soft U shape. Then cut the hair into side swept bangs.

For Men

There are many trendy haircuts 2012 for men like the buzz cut, the square cut, the professional cut, the Mohawk, spiky styles, the Caesar cut, etc. However, when it comes to popularity, the three most trendy short haircuts for men this year are the faux hawk, the messy, and the sleek layered cut.

The Example Styles of Trendy Haircut 2012





Trendy haircuts 2012 make you look sharper and stylish as compared to coifs of the previous decades. These haircuts can be worn to work and to college, which makes them universal. So make sure you pick a good modern and trendy haircuts that speaks volumes about you and sets your own statement! Cheers!



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