Tousled Hair Styles

Looking for sexy, flirty, yet romantic hairstyles? Then you can try this; Tousled hairstyles. Tousled hairstyles are those that give the illusion that your hair has been wind swept or gives the “just out of bed” appearance.Very thin hair may disagree with this style, but any other type of hair should easily transform into tousled hairstyles. They are very much preferred for a casual do and are just right for enjoying an evening out with friends. This type of hairstyles are look good on all women whether young or old. The look is achievable for most girls with straight or wavy hair.

For an updo hairstyle with a tousled look, first you need to blow dry your freshly washed hair with the nozzle of the hairdryer pointing downwards. Wrap sections of your hair around a round brush to create soft waves. Once all your hair is blow dried and wavy, spray it with a hairspray. Brush your hair back and gather it at your nape to create a low ponytail. Pull the gathered hair through an elastic band half way and loop the ends through the elastic band. Use bobby pins to pin the hair in place and pull out some strands to create a sexy look. To finish off the look, gently mist your hair with some additional hair spray.

Or you go with another tousled hairstyles; side part hair. Wash and dry your hair using an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. Towel-dry hair before applying an anti-frizz hair serum and hair gel. Apply a quarter-size amount of curl-defining mousse to the crown. This will create more body. Part your hair on one side of your head. If you have naturally curly hair, scrunch your hair while you blow-dry it using a humidifier. If you have straight hair, you will have to create your own curls. Blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry. Section off pieces of your hair, and roll the sections up in hot rollers. Leave the rollers on for 30 minutes before removal. Once the rollers have been removed, you should have beautifully tousled hairstyle with curls. Add a silk flower behind your ear for an extra special touch. Finish with light hair spray.

For straight hair; you can use a curling iron. After working a hair gel through the hair, curl 1-inch sections of hair around a medium curling iron for short hair and a large curling iron for long hair in a corkscrew fashion. Hold the curl for about 10 seconds and release before it forms into a tight curl. Continue around the hair, and let each section cool. Then, use your fingers to comb and separate the curls into waves. Finish with hairspray.

For short hair, you need to have hair that comes up to your chin. First you need to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and condition it with an anti frizz conditioner that will add moisture to your strands and give it a glossy shine. Next, apply a coin size amount of finishing cream through your wet hair and make sure that each strand is coated with the styling product. Now flip your hair downwards and use a diffuser to dry your hair. Once you are done drying your hair, flip your hair back and dry the sides. After all your hair is dry, use a round brush and a blow dryer to blow dry the hair around your face. Now use the narrow curling attachment of your curling iron and curl random one inch sections of your hair. Make sure that you curl only the ends of your hair till mid shaft and keep the hair around the roots straight. Finish this style by gently running your hair around the curls.


The Example Pictures of Tousled Hairstyles

The tousled hairstyles are perfect for summer (or those of us that live in warm-weather climates year round). The tousled hairstyles can gives you a natural, romantic look, which may complement your personality. When choosing a tousled hairstyle, look to celebrities who have made that style popular, such as Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Black Lively, etc. Tousled hairstyles are a great way to create a casual fun look with minimum effort.




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