Topsy Tail Hairstyles

The Topsy Tail was a product sold during the 1990s that flips a pony tail to make a dressier style. The actual tool is a simple plastic loop that could act as a giant needle to thread hair in new and unique styles. The hair style holds well and works best on long hair at least shoulder length.  You can use the Topsy Tail tool to achieve various standard looks, and many variations of the hairstyle can be done on your own with a little practice.

The Topsy Tail Tool

The Simple Ponytail

The simplest of topsy tail hairstyles, the original topsy tail Ponytail, is made by first putting your hair into a ponytail and securing it with an elastic, poly or gel band.  Once secured, insert your hair through the Topsy needle and thread it down close to your head, behind the elastic band.  The ponytail will flip under itself, creating the unique Topsy look.

The Flipped Ponytail

A slightly different take on a regular Flipped-Through Ponytail, this hairstyle is made by flipping the hair through at an angle.  A Topsy Tail tool makes it easier! Here the steps!

  1. Put hair in ponytail. It is best to make the ponytail well above the nape. In the photo, this is about the lowest that the ponytail could go and still have a flip-through work.  Experiment with the placement of the initial ponytail.
  2.  Place tail of Topsy Tail tool vertically behind ponytail holder.
  3.  Feed hair through the loop of the Topsy Tail.
  4.  Pull ponytail completely through behind ponytail holder.

The Classic Half Up-Half Down Hairstyle

Another topsy tail hairstyles; For a topsy tail take on the classic half up-half down hairstyle, pull the desired amount of hair back behind your head, leaving the rest hanging straight, and secure with a hair tie. Slide the hair tie down about half an inch, depending on hair thickness, and separate the hair above the tie with your fingers. Similar to the basic ponytail steps, flip the tied hair up and down through the space created with your fingers and pull the ponytail through until it lays flat.

French Braid

Begin with the half up-half down hairstyle, pulling less hair than normal behind your head and complete the steps listed for this hairstyle. After the initial half up-half down Topsy Tail is completed, repeat these steps by pulling back sections of hair slightly lower than the first ponytail. This can be done as many times as you prefer, generally three to five times, depending on the amount of hair pulled back with each section. Secure final ponytail with a hair tie to achieve French Braid hairstyle.

Now that you know the basic Topsy Tail hairstyles, experiment with your own personal preferences. After a few practice tries, test out the upside down Topsy Tail and let the hair hang over, in a fishtail fashion, or pin it to create a more simple yet elegant look.











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