Toddler Girl Hairstyles

If you looking for a hairstyle that is easy and funny to your toddler girl, then you are in the right article! There are many creative toddler girl hair styles.  All you need to do first is finding the right hairstyle for your toddler girl depends upon her hair type, temperament, and simply how much hair she has. Ideally, hairstyles for toddlers should be simple, neat and tidy. Fussing too much over hairstyles for toddler girl may actually divert your toddler’s attention towards the other areas.

There are some ideas of toddler girl hairstyles are offered below :

Ideas 1#

Decide early on whether want to cut bangs in your toddler girl’s hair. If you want long hair without bangs, use simple, no-slip baby hair clips as soon as her hair is long enough. This will get her used to wearing hair accessories and make it easier to keep her hair neat. If you cut bangs, keeping them trimmed can reduce the amount of time and effort you’ll have to put into your toddler girl’s hairstyles.

ideas 2#

Go in for a stylish bob haircut or short layers. If your daughter has curly hair, very short hairstyles are not a good option. This is because curly hair would tend to puff out when cut short and this would look especially messy when your daughter attends her classes at school. Keep her hair medium length in this case and trying out normal hair braiding options can keep her hair neat and tidy at all times.

ideas 3#

Toddler Girl looks very cute with two simple pigtails for her hair. To create, only the hair on top is taken into the pigtail and the sides are left down to fall into their naturally curly state. And it is always best to use covered elastic bands for ponytails as they help to prevent damage to the hair that rubber bands can cause. The rubber can grab hair and pull on it causing breakage.

ideas 4#

Straight hair can look fabulous when tied into a simple ponytail. Use those cute kiddy pins to make her hair look even more attractive. Some bangs across the forehead may look good, but this would be difficult to maintain for a busy mom. Even if your kid is keen on perming her hair or getting it streaked, refrain from doing so at a young age. Her hair is delicate and would need gentle care rather than splashing chemicals over her tresses.

ideas 5#

The easiest hairstyle for most toddler girls is to simply clip back the bangs or sides of the hair with no-slip barrettes. This will look cute and well-groomed but doesn’t require much time or work. Once your baby girl has enough hair to graduate from a single whale-spout ponytail on top of her head, try two playful pigtails. Bows can be used to adorn a single ponytail, two pigtails or the ends of braids. Soft, knit headbands are ideal for keeping long bangs out of her eyes.

Some pictures below may be able to provide a new inspiration for you, let’s take a look!



Toddler girl hairstyles may tend to be a little difficult to manage as compared to hairstyles for boys. If you have observed around, most girls tend to have short hairstyles from their childhood days. Since most busy parents indeed preferred hairstyle for their toddler girl that easier and no hassle at all. For another option, the parents can simply go to their favorite stylist and he / she will surely know that the hairstyle best suits their adorable toddlers.

How to maintaining?

  • You must encourage and get your toddler girl interested in hygiene habits for the hair. This would make your task a whole lot easier.
  • Hair care should always include a mild and gentle shampoo. Look for one that is particularly gentle on the eyes and has a yummy, fruity fragrance as well. This is bound to get your lovely little daughter interested in washing her hair with utmost care.
  • Always ensure your toddler girl has a healthy diet. This will lead to naturally beautiful hair.






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