Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Summer

Summers is a vacation time when we visit the beach and intend of doing so every single day. Summers are when you want to let your hair loose and have some fun. You may love letting your hair loose in summer, but the prolonged exposure to the sun, can cause major damage to your hair. The ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the cells that keep your hair strong and also burn the hair cuticle, making it feel dry and brittle. That’s why, it is very important for us to take proper care of our hair in summers, as sometimes, this damage cannot be repaired.

There are some preventive hair care and immediate maintenance after sun exposure keeps your hair healthy and vibrant all summer long. And some of them are mentioned below.


Anything that is hot, is a strict no-no for your hair in summers. Stay away from blow dries at all times. Don’t style your hair all the time in the summers and try to keep it as natural as possible. Straightening irons and curlers should also be avoided as they expose your hair to heat when there is already more of it than required. Do not wash your hair with hot water and instead opt for lukewarm or even better, cold water. Blow drying should be avoided in all cases.


After swimming, it is suggested to always wash your hair. Rinsing chlorine or salt water from your hair as soon as possible will intercept extra damage. Wash with a clarifying shampoo, or rinse with white vinegar.


Perform deep conditioning as often as daily to repair damaged hair. Apply after shampooing and leave-in for as long as possible or as directed then rinse out. Cover the head with a shower cap and leave in as long as overnight.


Wear a hat if you will be out in the sun for several hours. This not only protects your strands from the sun, but it keeps your scalp from being burned on those extra-hot summer days.


Another tips hair care for summer is to consciously stay hydrated. This will help you to fight many problems including the drying of hair due to the sunlight. A good intake of water will help you to retain the moisture in your hair. It is said that a diet that is full of vitamins and proteins is also very good for maintaining healthy hair during summers.

These were some tips to keep your hair healthy during summer.  Hair care for summer is important and it will help you maintain your hair all through the summer season.




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