Tips for Hair extensions Before and After

Hair extensions before and after are the best way to add length or color to your hair. Hair extensions care is not a very difficult task. Extensions can come in a variety of colors to blend well with the natural hair. There are different types of hair extensions depending on the material they are made of and the method through which they are attached to the hair.

When selecting hair extensions you want to know if you desire human hair or Synthetic hair. Whatever type you choose, you definitely want to make sure it matches your hair color to avoid a tacky, cheap look. If you do not find an exact match, go with the next darkest color; never go lighter than your natural hair. If you want an exact match to your extension, dye your natural hair; never dye the extension, because it can damage the extensions by making it frizzy, dull and difficult to manage. You can have your extension custom matched to your natural hair by a professional hair stylist.

Hair extensions can be made out of natural human hair or synthetic fibers. The natural human hair extensions are of a higher quality and blend better with the rest of the hair. The hair extensions also differentiate themselves through the method of application.

Tips for Hair extensions Before and After:

  • Hair extensions tend to be hydrophilic because of the damage resulting from the processing done to them. And when they are wet they tend to swell, tangle and hard to manage. But pre-shampoo is a mild formulation that adds natural oils back to the extension. And do not to forget to choose low detergent shampoo.
  • Use a daily conditioner to keep extensions looking healthy and shiny. It could enhance body and extends the life of the extensions.
  • Deep Conditioner; Every once a week deep conditioner is necessary, it ensures the hair extension gets the maximum lubrication without adding excess oils or emollients that can weigh hair down and leave it looking dull and lifeless. Some products now is great for repairing extensions that have been damaged by processes like flat ironing and hair coloring.
  • Revitalizing Treatment; Because many extensions are dyed, they contain peroxides. Over time, these peroxides enhance the oxidizing effects of the sun. A good revitalizing maintenance spray will neutralize the peroxides and stop sun fading and dullness. The hair ends are one of the first places damage manifests in split ends, brittleness and breakage.

Application of hair extensions is quite easy, if you first understand the hair extension basics. Choose an hair extension of the length, style and color that you want and depending on that, you can choose the hair extension technique. Make sure you equip yourself well with all the necessary hair extension supplies, before you begin applying. Mentioned below are the different hair extension techniques that will serve as your hair extension guide.



People choose to get hair extensions before and after for many different reasons; however one of the main reasons is convenience. and for the maintenance actually just the same with natural hair, besides that, follow your hair stylists advice on before and aftercare for hair extensions, the life of your extended hair style can last up to six months. The hair extensions before and after care depends on your hair type and what kind of extensions you are having put into your hair. The care you provide of your hair extensions will determine the quality and life of your desired style. Preparing and maintaining your hair properly for hair extensions will prevent dry scalp, hair breakage and stimulate hair growth. There are products available for hair extensions care in order to prevent them from falling out, matting or tangling. Extensions need proper care depending on what they are made of and how they are applied.





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