The Unique Braid Hairstyles

Bored with your old braid styles? and looking for another unique braid hairstyles? then you are in the right article.

Unique braid hairstyles has many different style, below are some of them that might you like to try it;

Dutch Braid

Another version of the French braid, is the inside out French braid, which is also known as the Dutch braid, that gives an interesting look. Dutch braid gives an appearance of a braid which is close to the head yet gives a raised appearance. These braids look beautiful on people who have long hair. Again these types of braids needs some skill, so you need to practice them before you can make them properly.

Headband Braid

To create this braid, you need to comb your hair to remove all knots and tangles. With a rattail comb, make a horizontal line which is two inches back from your hairline. Next separate your hair into two sections at the front and the back. From the left side of your head, starting just above the ear, French braid the front section of the hair until you reach the right ear. Secure the French braid with an elastic band and then pin it behind your right ear with a hair clip. To give this braid hairstyle a dramatic look, loosely curl the rest of the hair with a curling iron.

Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

The cornrow braids of all styles are made by braiding the hair flat against the scalp. They usually begin right behind the area where your bangs would begin and generally end shortly before the crown of the head. Although the traditional cornrow styles are usually made in simple, straight lines, complicated geometrical and curvilinear designs have also been adopted lately. Additionally, shells and other hair accessories are used to decorate the braids.

Invisible Braid Hairstyles

invisible braids are very thin braids which when looked from a distance look almost like normal strands of hair. These braids look attractive with short or long hair. However, getting invisible braids can take many hours, so make sure you have enough time with you while getting them done.

Heidi or Swiss Braids

Popularized by the fashion models on the catwalk, Heidi braids are made by crossing two braids at the nape of the neck, bringing them up around the head and pinning to form a kind of crown

And look at these below some gorgeous unique braid  hairstyles!

These above are some ideas for unique braid hairstyles. Pick your fave and try it! Braids shouldn’t be kept for too long. Or if you do braid your hair frequently, try not to make too tight braids, as it can result in pulling of hair and some hair loss. Also, to make your hair stronger remember to follow hot oil treatments, and eat properly to keep your scalp and hair healthy.





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