The Tween Hairstyles

For every tween girls often go through an awkward and confusing phase of their lives. They are no longer children but are not yet full-fledged teenagers. In this transitional phase, tween girls are trying to figure out who they are. As good parents, let your young girls express themselves without growing up too quickly.

For their hairstyles, there are Many options are nice, easy to maintain, and appropriate for tween girls. Mentioned below are some cute tween hairstyles that you can select:


Braids are an ideal hairstyle for tween girls that gives a fresh and youthful look. To make a braid hairstyle more trendy, a fishtail side braid is a good option. To create a fishtail side braid, first run some texturizing cream through the length of your hair. Create a deep side part and gather hair towards one shoulder. Separate the hair into two equal sections at the nape of your neck. Now very carefully, pull out a half inch section of hair from the right side, just below your ear and place it over the left section. Take another half inch section of hair from the left side, just below the ear and place it over the right section. Continue braiding in this way till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band. Take a rattail comb and gently run it over your braid to pull out some hair from the braid to give it a frayed look. For another braids variation styles, tweens can go with messy loose side braid, half french braid wrapped ponytail, rope braids, etc.

Bob Hairstyle

With tween girls constantly on the go from school to friends’ houses to after-school activities and clubs, hair maintenance should not be high on their priority lists. A chin-length bob haircut does seem sweet, and practical for any hair or face type. tween girls prefer this hairstyle because it has been sported by many child actors as well. A straight bob with fringes would frame a girl’s face, while curly-haired girls would also look cute. Moreover, this hairdo is appropriate on all occasions; be it school, a fancy dress competition, or a formal event. However, it demands a bit more effort to maintain. You can take the hair behind from the face using a headband, and tone down wild locks with a smoothing creme. For those thinking of good hairstyles for school for curly hair, this hairstyle is most suitable.

The Twisted Knot

Twisted knot hairstyle is one that really can work for any age, as long as you’ve got enough hair to pull back & make the knot, but it’s definitely great for your tween! To create; firstly, Make an off-center part on the top of the head and then part from ear to ear. Then, starting on the left side, take the hair in front of the ear & twist it inward toward the head. Because this isn’t a rope braid, the hair will untwist immediately unless you secure it.  Simply take a small clip and secure it to the hair in back temporarily. On the right side, repeat steps 2 (starting on the left side, take the hair in front of the ear & twist it inward toward the head), twisting the hair inward-toward the head. Carefully remove the claw clip from the left twist and cross the right twist over the left one to start making a shoe string knot.  Next part; Make a knot. This part may be a little tricky to keep the hair twisted while forming the knot. For this part, it really helps to have the hair damp to reduce fly-aways.

If you want a messier look, skip that part!  Just like tying your shoe, pass the right twist up under the left twist and pull tight. Finish the knot, crossing the right twist over the left & pull it through so you’ve created a nice big knot. Secure knot with a small rubber band. This is a quick & easy one & looks great for any occasion.  You could always make more than 1 knot down the back for a pretty look too!

Tween Hairstyles with Long Hair

There are many tween girls who do not wish to chop off their long mane. This does not mean there are less options for trendy hairstyles for long hair. Tween girls can try many trendy hairstyles for long hair as long as the hair suits practically all face shapes. You can try the long voluminous look or the straight, sleek hairstyles for girls with thick hair.  Layered hairstyles for tween girls with thin hair is the best choice as it helps give an illusion of thicker hair. You can try layered hairstyles with bangs for tween girls. The bangs can help hide pimples on young girls’ foreheads. With longer bangs, she can use a decorative barrette or bobby pin to pull the bangs to the side, off the face. She can also wear a headband to hold her bangs back as well. And  the only styling tools she needs is a brush and a hairdryer and possibly some hairspray for those pesky fly-away strands.

Here’s some pictures of tween hairstyles

Actually, So many hairstyles for tweens. These were just a few tween hairstyles that you can choose for your tween. This hairstyles is very versatile and also suits for school. Remember, don’t use harsh product because it’ll causing your tween hair damaged.









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