The Topsy Tail

A topsy tail, what does that means? A Topsy Tail is a very clever hair braid tool. The Topsy Tail was a product sold during the 1990s that flips a pony tail to make a dressier style. The actual tool is a loop on a stick. The hair style holds well and works best on long hair at least shoulder length.

If you already buy the tool but don’t know how to use it. No worries dear, The easy steps to use a topsy tail are provided below only meant for you;


  • Brush hair thoroughly to ensure there are no tangles and pull the hair into a low ponytail. Secure the hair with the elastic hair band at the nape of the neck. The band should be loose, but tight enough so the band stays in place.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to create a hole in the center of the gathered hair, right above the hair band. This hole should be large enough that the rest of the ponytail can fit through.
  • Twist the long hair in the ponytail at the base of the hair band. This will make the hair slide through the hole easier.
  • Use your opposite hand to flip the hair upward and through the hole above the hair band. Gently pull the ponytail through the hole.
  • Once the hair is pulled through, straighten any stray hairs and ensure the band is still snug. If the band is starting to slip, use one hand to hold your hair, and the other hand to gently push the band upward towards the head.

Girls and women with long hair have put this unusual tool to good use for making ponytails with a special twist. Although you can create the style without using the Topsy Tail tool, it is much easier to create lovely hairstyles if you have the tool. Create a beautifully elegant hairstyle with the Topsy Tail in a matter of minutes!





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