The Texturized Hairstyles

Texturized hairstyles have become one of the hottest hair trends. They’re easy to maintain, making them a great hairstyle for someone who’s short on time.

Texturized hair work for many hair types. Texturizers often use the same active chemicals as relaxers, but are left in for a shorter time. Those with texturized hair have hair-care needs that combine some elements of relaxed hair and natural hair.

Short and Choppy

Straight hair with a texturized hair will look great in a short, choppy hairstyle. Start with clean, damp hair and add a volumizing styling product, which will add lift to the roots. Use a round brush and blow dry hair, lifting hair at the roots and gently pulling hair straight through the ends. Repeat around the entire head until all hair is dry. Next, spray hair with a heat protector and use a flatiron to create flipped ends. Work with 2- to 3-inch sections of hair at a time (depending on how thick your hair is) and pull hair straight with the flat iron, gently turning the iron at the ends. The ends of the hair should flip out, moving away from the face. Finish with a soft-hold hairspray, which will lock in the style without creating an old-fashioned look that appears too hard.

Loose Waves

If you have medium to long hair, try loose waves. Apply a shine serum and blow dry hair with a paddle brush. Once hair is dry, lightly spray with a hair protector. Use a wide-barrel curling iron to create loose waves. Work with 2- to 3-inch sections of hair at a time until all of the hair is curled. Once you are done, break up the curls by finger-combing to create a soft finish. For long, textured layers around the face, gently flip the layers away from the face to create a modern Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. Once the curls fall a bit, you will have loose waves. Spray with a soft hold hairspray that will capture the style but still allow movement.

Asymmetrical Hair

An asymmetrical hairstyle allows you to draw attention to your best features. If you like your cheekbones, have one side cut high to show them off. Or, choose bangs cut on a slant to showcase your eyes. Women with round faces can wear a shoulder length asymmetrical cut. This style lengthens the face. It also draws the eye down toward the neckline where the different levels of hair add interest.

Razor Cut

Some stylists ditch the scissors completely and just use a razor and a comb to do a complete haircut. This technique is perfect for coarse, straight or slightly wavy hair. It can actually be used to de-volumize hair while adding texture and layers that are gently feathered. A razor cut can be short, but it often looks best at chin length or longer. If you have very fine or thinning hair, avoid this type of haircut. It may make your hair look too wispy.

How to Care?

  • Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner will add more lift to your hair. Find products that suit your budget; they do not have to be from the same line. Work shampoo into your roots only, and work the bulk of the conditioner into your ends. Rinse thoroughly and pat hair dry with a bath towel.
  • Use a deep conditioner 1 to 2 times a week. Because the texturized hairstyles require a specific technique to cut ends, keep your hair well moisturized and healthy. A regular conditioner can be used in conjunction with pinning hair up and wearing a shower cap for about 20 minutes, allowing the conditioner to saturate the hair, achieving the same effect as a deep conditioner.
  • Pat hair dry with a bath towel. This will allow your texturized hair to dry smooth and will cut down on frizz. Wrapping your hair turban-style with a bath towel will extract water, but will still leave the hair cuticle smooth.
  • Do not excessively brush hair. You don’t want to brush too often, as it can lead to breakage, which counteracts the texturizing. A brush with natural bristles will give your hair the most voluminous look. When you’re done washing your hair, towel it dry, and allow hair to air dry at least halfway before you blow it dry. Section hair off, and move swiftly with a round brush, which will also enhance volume.
  • Use a styling cream. Texturized hair looks great with that bedhead hair that so many celebrities enjoy. Use a styling cream to separate your hair into messy waves. The process will take little effort. This works for both clean hair and day-after hair (meaning the day after you wash), making texturized hair a good idea for someone who has little time to devote to her beauty routine.

The Example Styles of Texturized Hairstyles

This is an easy hairstyle to achieve and suits most people’s face shapes well.  The texturized hairstyles can add or create volume and movement for your hair.  This hairstyles are quite versatile and easy to manage. So, don’t hesitate to try, and for the best result you can go to salon and get the perfect texturized locks!



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