The Stacked Hairstyles

Throughout history, hairstyles have spoken volumes about a person’s heritage, social and economic status and personality. A woman’s hairstyle can greatly enhance her overall appearance and feeling of beauty. Though sometimes confused, the stacked hairstyle is much different from the layered hairstyle. In a layers haircut, hair is trimmed into an exact shape and angle, whereas in a stacked haircut, there is no specific cutting pattern. Instead, hair is just cut so that it stacks on itself to add height. Stacked hair can accent specific facial features, such as your eyes and cheekbones. Stacked hairstyles can also make your neck look longer and give fine hair more volume.

Stacked bobs can work with any facial shape or hair type. Stacked bobs can be customised to your personal style, face shape, and preferences. However, a basic version of this cut is to wear the hair longer in the back and longer in the front. Ask the stylist to cut stacked layers in the back, beginning at the crown of your hair, to give the style movement and body. When styling, run a silkening serum through your hair and comb through to keep the hair soft and shiny. Then, apply a mousse to help it hold the style better. Blow dry hair using a round brush to give it shape, and spritz with a medium-hold hairspray. To soften your facial features, part you hair unevenly sweeping hair randomly to both sides. Use a pomade to give the ends a more defined, edgy look.





Stacked hairstyles work well with curly hair because the curl texture of the hair gives it natural volume that is complemented by the stacked cut. When getting this cut, make sure the stylist knows that your hair is naturally curly so she can cut the hair accordingly. Often, when curly hair is cut well, it becomes shorter as it dries, so she needs to be aware so she can cut the stacked layers a little longer to compensate. After washing, spray hair with a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair moisturised, then use a frizz-reducing serum to style curly hair-stacked styles. Blow your hair dry with a diffuser, using your fingers to separate and style the curls.

To maintain, avoid the compulsion to wash hair daily in ultra-hot water. Doing this strips hair of natural oils that are beneficial to its health. Washing and conditioning hair every other day in warm water is fine if your hair is naturally oily. Some hair types may only need washing once or twice a week. When your hair is clean, focus on gently working out tangles with a wide-tooth comb, and consider adding a small amount of leave-in conditioner or lavender essential oil to your layers to help them shine, smell wonderful and stay healthy. Also remember to eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, exercise, de-stress and rest. Healthier people have healthier tresses.


Countless fashion icons and popular female personalities have sported stacked hairstyles over the years. Among them include singers Rihanna, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Since stacked hairstyles fit almost all hair types, it is worn by a wide variety of personalities. Due to the style’s versatility, it has remained a staple in fashionable hairstyles throughout history.



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