The Shag Hairstyles for 2012

The shag hairstyles also known as the messy look is making a comeback in this year.  Shag hairstyles 2012 are great because they are easy to style and you can have a Shag Hairstyle cut to whatever length you choose. The shag hairstyle is created with a creative use of layering and is noted for its ‘accidental’ look. Rather than looking like it was created in a salon, this style is meant to look like it was done at home.

When it was originally at the height of its popularity, the shag was known for being spiky on top and much longer in the back. Now that it’s coming back into style, the shag is more proportionate and features longer layers and bangs. The most common product to use on the shag cut mousse, which allows for styling with control and for fullness without making the hair stiff or leaving it looking weighed down. There are many variations of the shag hairstyles 2012, let’s take a look!

For Short Hair

Short Back

This shag looks shorter at the back and longer in front. This style typically starts at the nape of the neck and is layered at the back. You can make the shags longer or shorter to give it a bob shag appearance.

Long Layered

This is one of the most common hairstyles and it involves several long layers. Some famous personalities have been seen to be sporting this hairstyle. Many a time, with this style, your hair would be messed up and your face may be invisible. You should try to use pomade or wax to get a more textured look.

For Medium Hair

Medium Shag

This is a layered cut for those with medium length hair. The length of the layers can be adjusted to suit the shape of the face. The ends need to be tapered and left uneven. This haircut suits all types of hair other than curly hair.

For Long Hair

Long Layered

A simple way to get shaggy hairstyles for women with really long hair, is to middle part the hair. Then on both the sides cut the hair into layers and flip the layers outwards. Then accompany this style with blunt sweeping Cleopatra bangs. Shiny raven black hair with this hairstyle looks fab, so you can consider dyeing your hair, after the stylist has finished cutting the hair.
You can also cut your front hair into mixed layered styles. Cut the front section of the hair into a Cleopatra style bangs. Then cut the side hair into deep choppy layers and style them inwards, and covering the sides of your face. Cut the hair behind these layers into deep layers, but flip the ends outwards.

Curly Layered

There are many ways to style your long hair into cool looking curly shag layered hairstyles. One simple way to do this is the bohemian style. Simply get few layers in your long hair. Go with Cleopatra style blunt sweeping bangs. This style looks great with jet black hair, or with medium shade of blonde.


The shag hairstyles 2012 can worn by women to achieve l cute, sexy or edgy look. Pick one the most you like, and see the results for your new appearance!




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