The Senegalese Twists Styles

Senegalese twists are popular hairstyles among African American women as the style encourages hair growth and requires little to no maintenance. The Senegalese version of the twist use a doubling up technique to create tight cornrows that have some extra coil at the bottom of each twisted strand. These twists can be done with hair extensions to add length and volume. The extensions can be attached to the head with one-inch braids before the twists begin, or they can be attached using the twisting technique from the very beginning.

Once the hair is braided in the Senegalese twists, there are a number of ways to wear the twists.

Ponytail or Bun

A simple ponytail or bun brings attention to the twist in the hair, differentiating it from the standard box braid. A low ponytail or bun at the nape of the neck looks elegant or professional. For an evening out, try a low side bun just below and behind the ear. Wear it wrapped in a ribbon or scarf, or accented with an artificial flower For a more casual event, wear a higher ponytail. If you decide on a bun for a casual event, make it loose, with twists hanging out from the bun. Another way to wear a pony or bun is to leave the front section of twists hanging straight and secure only the back 2/3 of the hair. Use a combination of buns in the front, side or back for a dressy look.


The Senegalese twist style looks great in a casual or formal Updo. If you have longer twists, try leaving the front section unsecured, then pulling the remaining twists back into a high, messy ponytail. Another Updo style pulls the top layer to the back in a loose twist and leaves the bottom twists in the back hanging loosely. Try rolling all the twists together, starting at one side, adding hair as you go around the head. This creates a rounded, traditional look.

The Senegalese Twists Styles

To styling the Senegalese twists, there are a few options available to people who would like to carry Senegalese twists, but many of them involve the same basic concept.

Standard Senegalese Twists :

The conventional and most popular Senegalese twist hairstyles are long, straight strands of hair twisted with synthetic hair from root to tip. The ends may be curled or left straight (both dipped in hot water to help add shine and hold to the style) and the length and size could vary according to the demands and taste of the wearer. The hairstyle can take up to 10 hours to complete, but it can also last for four to eight weeks with minimal upkeep in between.

Kinky Senegalese Twists :

A variation of the standard Senegalese twists can be done with extension of a coarser texture. These extensions are usually known as “kinky twists” and give the hair a more weathered and worn look. Kinky Senegalese twists are usually curled at the tips and can last a bit longer than standard Senegalese twists. They also take a little less time to complete.

Senegalese twists are sometimes called Senegalese twist braids because when installed properly, they are much tighter than traditional two-strand twists and resemble single braids. Senegalese twists can last up to 12 weeks with proper care.







13 thoughts on “The Senegalese Twists Styles

    • Hi Vanessa, Thanks for Comment :)

      you can use synthetic Kanekalon hair.This hair is an excellent choice because it is easier to curl and does not tangle when creating the twists.

  1. I was debating if this is the type of hairstyle i wanted or not and now after reading what you had to say and after looking at the pictures i REALLY want this style! so pretty!

    • Indeed, I agreed with you Chalynda. This style is really cute and chic hairstyle!
      The fact;Kinky twist styles come in different forms, and Senegalese is one of the different kinds of kinky twists. (besides rope, Nubian and two strand twists)

      Thank you for comment Chalynda :)

    • I think it’s okay to use Yaki hair, Yaki hair can adding the fullness, length and a lasting quality to the Senegalese hairstyle.

      Note; to use Yaki hair, divide Yaki hair extensions into small sections. Yaki hair will be thicker, so you want to make sure the hair sections aren’t too bulky. Lay out the Yaki hair for easy accessibility.

      Thanks for comment Alex
      Have a nice day :)

  2. Love these! I’m rockin senegales twists now and I like the style in the 3rd pic going down the last row on the right (the girl on the grass) any tutorial or guides how to do the hairstyle?

    • Holla neessa,

      You can get the styles of senegalese twists at Youtube.
      So many variations styles there.
      (i think, with Youtube you’ll find it easier to practice)

      Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!;)

  3. Where did you get your twists done? Looking for someone who will do the same quality as the pictures. Im in Nashville, TN but willing to travel.

  4. Holla, coco
    Visit some professional hairstylists near with your area.
    I believe there’s one or two hairstylist that will help you.
    Thanks for visiting and Goodluck!;)

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