The Romantic Special Occasion Hairstyles

Special occasions call for romantic hairstyles. If you’ve got a special dance, dinner or party coming up, don’t stop planning at just your outfit. The right hairstyle can perfect your look and create an unforgettable night.

Try a few styles with your event clothing on to get an idea of what type of style might work best. Mentioned below are some special occasion hairstyles that only meant for you. Take a look!


If you want an updo like a chignon, skip the hairspray, and instead try soft-hold gel or styling cream prior to styling. Gather the back of your hair as you would for a ponytail and twist it in a circle at the nape of your neck, using small hair pins to hold the bun in place. The look can be as tight to your head or as loose as you wish. Leave a few strands to fall around your face.

Braided Updo

This is one of the very simple styles of special occasion hairstyles. Braided updo is easy to create, and can be done without any kind of heat styling. Use a comb to separate the front three inches of your hair on each side, and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. Braid each side of the front of your hair, and release your hair from the ponytail. Gather all of your hair together, including the braids, and secure it at the back of your head in a bun. Use bobby pins to pin the sides of the bun for a more formal and polished look.

Loose Curls

loose curls are a special occasion hairstyle that is worn down. This hairstyle works best for hair that is shoulder length or longer, and can be accessorized as desired. To create loose curls with your hair, begin by parting your hair to one side. Using 1-inch hot rollers and working in 2-inch sections, roll your hair around the curlers starting at the tip and working up to the root. Use clips to hold the hot rollers in place, and allow the rollers to set until they are cool. Carefully remove the rollers from your hair and loosen up the curls using your fingers.

Straight and Sleek

This easy, chic style is perfect for medium-length straight hair with a fine texture. Blow dry your hair, and then use a flat iron with a straightening product to make sure the hair stays sleek. Flip the ends of the hair out a little while flat ironing, or turn them under. Accent this straight style by adding an accessory on one side, such as a sparkly rhinestone clip or feather that lies flat against your head.

Long and Loose

Long, loose hair still remains a popular option for women attending formal events. For a sleek and smooth option, use a flat iron to smooth the hair for a super straight finish. Alternatively, loose waves and curls are a popular choice that can be achieved with a curling iron. If hair is very long or thick, then take an inch section from the front of the face near the parting and pin back with a bobby pin to keep hair out of your eyes. Playing around with your hair parting will also give you a different look for a formal event—if you usually wear your part in the middle, try wearing it to the side or vice versa.

The Romantic Special Occasion Hairstyles Example Pictures

Honestly, so many special occasion hairstyles can be done yourself without the assistance of a professional stylist. Lots of options are available for women with long or short hair to achieve a well groomed, formal style. Hair jewels and accessories can all complement a hairstyle for a special occasion.




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