The Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men

If you are a man who thinking about to get a new look for your hair style, then i suggest you to try out this style; the rockabilly hairstyles. Nowadays, this hairstyle is the most popular hair amongst men and women. This hairstyles can make you looks cool and even classy but mature.

Originally, “Rockabilly” refers to the styles made popular in the late 1930s, the 1940s and early 1950s, the era in which Rock’n’Roll was formed. Rockabilly has become something of a sub-culture movement as individuals who favor the styles and music of the era (as well as the classic cars of the period) identify with one another and host social events centered around the things they love: Old style rock’n’roll, classic car shows, etc.

For men, rockabilly hairstyles commonly involve a cut with short sides and slightly longer back with sufficient length on top and in front to create the upswept “pompadour”.

Another variations of the rockabilly hairstyles for men is the flattop, although this is the original, with the top of the head cut to approximately one inch and styled with pomade or wax to give an even plane or spiking ends.

On the other hand, men can go with the Ducktail  hairstyle;  this hairstyle was 1950s-Hollywood shorthand for juvenile delinquent. Because of this, it is more widely worn among rockabilly revivalists than it was among rockabilly fans of the 1950s. Like the pompadour, the Ducktail involves gobs of grease and lots of combing. Unlike the pompadour, the Ducktail features a center part and the hair slicked back on either side of the head until it creates a ridge (which, from the back, resembles the eponymous duck’s tail). The front would then hang down in disarray, or in a little cowlick. The other variation of the ducktail hairstyle is the detroit. This hairstyle, which combines the long back and sides (and the subsequent greased-up back ridge) of the ducktail with the flat top of the crew cut. Think a ducktail without the top wave or hanging bits over the forehead.

Some pictures of the rockabilly hairstyles for men below may be able to be your reference.

There are some easy steps to create this hairstyle. Wash you hair thoroughly before you decide to do rockabilly hairstyles. You will need to remove all traces of old styling products before you can fashion your new hairstyle. After washing your hair, apply your hair gel and blow dry your hair straight back. While your hair is still damp, apply a little more gel to the roots of your hair and then bend over while drying your hair. This will lift the roots and add height to your hair. After your hair is dry and has some added height, apply beeswax to it to get it to stand up higher. Do not apply too much of the beeswax, because the weight of it might cause your hair to flop and undo your efforts when you try to do rockabilly hairdos. Slick the sides of your hair back with hair gel to achieve a smooth, slick look.

Remember, when you want to do rockabilly hairstyles, the look you want is a lot of sheen and shine to the sides of your hair. Good luck!







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