The Quick Weave Hairstyles

Many women wear hair weaves to add volume, length and personality to their hairstyles. Although women can use a variety of materials for hair weaving, most use synthetic or human hair. A quick weave is a hair extension technique used to change the length, style, and natural color of the hair. Since the hair extensions are applied to a protective cap, there is no damage to the natural hair. The quick weave is temporary and normally lasts one to two weeks. With the quick weave hairstyles, you can change your hair as often as the impulse strikes you.

Quick weaves allow you this kind of variety without the long-term commitment, and lengthy application time. They offer quality, but at half the cost and in half the time. Like traditional weaves, the quick weave hairstyles are easy to style and can be cut into any desired shape or design. These weaves come in synthetic and human hair options. Using a quick weave hair style allows you to blend a front portion of your natural hair with a weave piece that can be applied and removed in seconds.

Curly Weaves

With the right product line your hair regimen can run as quickly as: shampoo, condition, add product and off you go! In fact, if your weave features tight curls, you won’t be building a relationship with a hairbrush any time soon. At most, you’ll need to run a very wide tooth comb through your hair once you step out of the shower. You will also need to keep your curls hydrated with a good glossing product. You never want to use too much, however, because most shine-enhancing products will weigh the hair down when used in large amounts. Tight curls need to maintain a flirty bounce.

Half Quick Weaves

Half weaves are those that allow half of your natural hair to be exposed, while the other half is braided and covered with the half weave. The choice of textures, colors and lengths will vary, including curly and straight styles. The half weaves are attached to your natural hair either with hair combs or a drawstring. Both the combs and the drawstring will be made into the weave piece, so you will not need to purchase these items separately.

Traditional Quick Weaves

Traditional quick weaves, like pre-packaged quick weaves, can be glued in or sewn in, depending on the amount of security and time you are willing to sacrifice.

The bob haircut is not just one style; you can change the shape of a bob cut, giving it the three-in-one effect. Party, classical and elegant looks can all be achieved with one bob cut. Adding hair putty or sculpting clay can give you a more retro, Gothic or contemporary look. Sweeping a bang behind the ear is a great style for a dinner date. Use a light leave-in conditioner to control the movement of your bangs and untamed strands of hair. Gel tends to harden, flake and damage hair follicles, so use gel sparingly. Traditional bob cuts are asymmetrical and are evenly cut at the length of the jawbone. Trendy bobs tend to be layered in the back of the head and vary in facial length, with one side of the bob sometimes longer than the other.

The Mohawk instantly slenderizes the face and contours the cheeks. Its shape, low sides and high middle can be easily maintained with hair putty, gel or sculpting clay. Deciding to style your hair in a Mohawk takes courage, especially for women. Do not fear, because a freshly cut Mohawk is suitable for any occasion. Despite the major misconception, you don’t have to be a rock star to enjoy the wear of a stylish Mohawk. Cut hair low on the sides; one inch of hair should remain for styling purposes. If you want an extreme Mohawk, cut your hair lower than the recommended amount on both sides of your head. Cut the middle portion of your hair, measuring from your left to right temple, to the length that you desire. Finish the style by spiking and shaping your hair.

The bowl, unlike the bob, does not allow much versatility. It is not meant to transform, and it holds one shape—the bowl shape. The bowl should be shaped as if a bowl was covering your head and then your hair was cut along the outer part of the bowl. Today, we tend not to use the bowl anymore. Achieving this style is much easier, but would require some professional assistance because of the cutting technique required.

Tips :

  • To maintain your weave, use human hair instead of synthetic hair. Human hair looks more natural, is easier to style and is less likely to tangle. Just like you would with your own hair, wash and condition your weave often, but do it gently. You can also use certain weaves, such as sew-ins and lace-front style, to grow your real hair since they can allow your real hair to take a much-needed break from chemicals and everyday stress.
  • Securing an efficient product line to care for your hair that’s a must. Since the hair used in your weave will not be the same as your natural hair type, and is most often comprised of Asian or Indian hair (if you are using synthetic hair, your styling options are greatly limited and should not include heat styling), you won’t need quite the moisturizing factor of products specifically designed for hair of African origin.

Example Styles of Quick Weave Hair

With these quick weave hairstyles, getting a new look is no longer a tough task. While opting for quick weave hairstyles, always remember you need to visit an expert stylist. A professional will be able to give you these different looks with much ease. Also ensure you know all about hair care after the quick weave. Weaves need some amount of maintenance. Use quality products, so that your natural hair is not damaged. Once you wish to change your look, always go back to the professional to remove the attached hair weaves. Have fun flaunting the new look and ignore the envious glances!





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