The Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

One of the classic hairstyles for men is the pompadour hairstyle. Elvis Presley wore This classic pompadour in 1950s, also referred to as the rockabilly hairstyle. This is one of the best 1950s hairstyles for men. This hairstyle involves a lot of back combing and so it is advisable that you know how to back comb properly.  The classic man’s pompadour requires a haircut that leaves the top long and the sides and back short. This is not a flattop or a Mohawk. Ask the barber specifically for a pompadour haircut to ensure you have enough hair to create the style. Generally, men who wear a pompadour often use hair grease or pomade. Apply enough of the stuff on your hair to make it malleable when you rub your hands through it.

Then to create the pompadour hairstyle ; Firstly, wash your hair with anti frizz shampoo and condition it with a shine enhancing conditioner. Brush it to remove any tangles. And then, begin combing the top of your hair straight over your face. Comb it straight up, never back. Always comb everything up to make the pompadour. While combing the pompadour, gently pull forward with the comb to add some lift to the hair. You can part your hair on each side if you choose. Comb the sides up next until they blend in with the top piled high above your forehead, or simply comb the sides back if you have them cut extremely short. The rolled pile of hair on top creates the pompadour. Once you get the hair to your preferred height, rub some more grease in your hands and gently slick it over the pompadour to keep it in place.

Lastly, A blow-dryer will help those with fine hair create a dramatic pompadour. Begin with clean, towel-dampened hair. Run some hair grease or gel through it, and begin combing up the top and sides into a pompadour. Next, end over and blow-dry your hair, aiming at the gelled roots. This step will add to the height of the pompadour. Once the hair has dried, use more gel to hold the pompadour in place. Finish it off with a quick burst of hairspray. Gently tousle the top just a bit to create a classic 1950s  the pompadour hairstyle. This style is cool hairstyle!









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