The Pixie Haicuts for Oval Faces

For every women with oval-shaped faces are the luckiest when it comes to hairstyling. With an oval face, anything goes. It’s the most versatile of shapes. When it comes to short hairstyles, then the pixie cuts for oval faces would be the best option. In fact, not everyone can get away with a pixie haircuts but women with true oval faces can.

Perhaps actress Mia Farrow is best known for the adorable pixie haircut she debuted in the 1968 thriller “Rosemary’s Baby.” This uber-short hairstyle is equal-parts bold and charming. The trick to pulling off the pixie is to be super-vigilant about maintenance. How often you get it cut will depend on how quickly your hair grows. Just be sure to monitor your tresses to make sure they don’t grow out. The minimalist appearance of the hair allows the oval shape of the face to stand out. In the past few months, pixie hair has “cropped up” on a host of styish singers and actresses including Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson and Halle Berry and ER’s Maura Tierney, whose own pixie hair cut is the result of her hair growing out from the effects of chemo.

This pixie cuts for oval faces works best on women with thick, naturally wavy hair, but also looks good on women with straight hair. If you are really tall, you might look like a pinhead in this cut. Try a short pixie cut pixie cut that has a little bit of height and light bangs to draw attention to your eyes. If you prefer no bangs and/or no height, that’s fine, too. You could try making your hair a little spiky in back also. However, the key is to stay away from bangs that are too heavy or fall into your eyes, because they will make your face look square. And the styling is so easy: Just wash and wear if you want a casual daytime look, or apply a light gel to damp hair and tousle for a glam evening out.

The pictures of Pixie Cuts for Oval Faces

Though oval faces can carry nearly any style and cut, women should still take their facial features into consideration. Women with large noses, for example, shouldn’t part hair in the middle. Instead, opt for a dramatic side part. The asymmetry will take attention away from the nose. 
High foreheads should be camouflaged with bangs, and prominent cheekbones can be softened with gentle, wispy layers around the ears.









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