The Pin Up Girl Hairstyles

As the name suggests, pin up hairstyles are those which are made using pins to style the hair in the manner you want. Pin up hairstyles are best known to build volume on your hair and hide any patches which have less hair. Moreover, girls can wear these hairdos for all types of occasions, where they especially need to take their hair away from their face. They are appropriate options for weddings, prom nights, formal or informal parties, and other occasions.

For styling these hairdos, you would be required to use a curling iron, pin curls, bobby pins, and similar types of hair accessories. You will need shoulder length or longer hair to be able to create the pin up girl hairstyle.

The Pin Up  Girl Hairstyles Ideas

Victory Rolls

Adding Victory Rolls to pin-curled hair or straight hair creates volume and drama to your hairstyle. Take the 3-inch-length section of your hair on the right and pull away from your head. Use a round brush, wrapping the section of hair around it, rolling it backward and toward your scalp. Secure with bobby pins, making sure they aren’t showing by fastening them inside the roll. Repeat this step on the left side. Using a super hold hairspray will ensure the rolls will not slip or fall. Variation of the placement of the rolls; adding accessories like flowers results in endless possibilities for different styles

Finger Waves

The hairstyles of the 1930s had to meet the following criteria: soften the blunt cut of the bob and fit nicely beneath the most fashionable hat of the day. They accomplished these goals with finger waves. Shorter cuts do better with this style, but it takes considerable practice. Part damp hair on the side or in the center and apply a waving or setting lotion, combing through for an even application. Basically, section your hair–from the top down–and use your comb and fingers to shape your hair into a wave. You need to hold each section for a few seconds for it to set. When mastered, the result will be beautiful, deep waves.

Betty Page Styles

When one thinks of classic pinup girls, few names leap to the mind faster than Bettie Page. A beautiful icon of the 1950s, she was best known for her blue eyes, curvy figure and trademark hairstyle. Since the resurgence of her popularity in the 1990s, many women have emulated the Bettie Page hairstyle. To create; Have your bangs cut short. The bangs should be equal length across the entire forehead. The bangs need only be long enough to work with rollers or a curling iron. Then, keep the hair (aside from the short bangs) long, coming past the shoulders at least. Tame the hair into big, soft curls. If your hair is naturally curly, try a relaxing product. Blow dry the hair with a diffuser and a round brush to achieve the big curls. If you have naturally straight hair, set it with big rollers for a few hours. Set the curls with a lightweight hairspray, as the look should appear soft and natural. Use a large curling iron to tame the bangs. They should come straight down but be curled under just enough to add a little bounce and volume. Set with some hairspray. Spice things up by wearing a large flower on the side of the head for special occasions.

Peek-a-Boo Bang

Film actress Veronica Lake started the craze known as the Peek-a-Boo Bang. To attain the look, you must first have long, smooth locks, preferably with gentle waves. Part your hair on the left side, softly curl the ends and let the right side hang over your right eye. This style is, of course, all about the glamour and nothing at all about practicality.

The Pin Up Hairstyles Example Pictures

These are just a few pin up girl hairstyles. There are many others like Messy bun, half updo, peek-a-boo bangs, poodle cuts, etc.  A good way of enhancing the beauty of pin up girl hairstyles is to include colorful hair accessories in the styling. Pin up hairstyles are worn today by burlesque stars like Dita von Teese, and Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman.






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