The Middle Part Hairstyles for Women

Middle part hairstyles have taken over the deep side part as a favored style. The middle part will open up and brighten a face to emphasize the eyes. The middle part works well with angle-softening curls or wispy bangs. Hairstyles that work well with a middle part include pig tails, wavy cascading layers, bob and medium hairstyles.


Pig Tails

A classic girls hairstyle that is also worn by grown women in today’s fashions is the traditional pigtails style. Part your hair from the middle of your forehead all the way down your head to the nape of the neck. Pull or brush the left section all the way over, and fasten the hair with a hairband just above the ear. Repeat this procedure on the right side as well. You can fasten the pigtails a bit higher, lower or further back to create different variations of the style.  


If you have long, layered hair, create a wild and sexy look by adding a few waves. Part your hair in the middle from the hairline to your crown. Using a curling iron or electric heated rollers, wind your hair back and away from the face to create loose curls. Continue curling each layer of hair in the same direction on each side and throughout the back. Use large or medium sized curling irons or rollers for loose cascading waves, and smaller styling tools for a tighter curls. Once cooled, lightly spray your locks with a fine mist of hairspray and run your fingers through to style.


The bob hairstyle works well with a middle part, as long as the ends are not above the chin. Medium or long-length bobs take on a whole different look with the middle part and the addition of fringe bangs or a regular full hair bang. The middle part balances out the hairstyle and face, leaving a very pretty end result. Bob hairstyles can also be styled all over curly, stick straight or with the ends flipped under.

Medium Hair

The medium hairstyle parted in the middle has many hairstyling options. Add some soft fringe or side-swept bangs to soften a high forehead and frame the face. Changing your part from a deep side part to a middle part can completely transform your look. Check out some celebrity middle-parted examples like Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston.

The Example Styles of The Middle Part Hairstyles for Women



Changing your part every so often can give your hair a more full appearance as the hair can become dragged down by the same part every day. Other than a major haircut or color change, changing your part is the fastest way to change your look. For those of you who looking for classic and timeless hairstyles then you can opt one of the middle part hairstyles above that offers you a different look. Cheers!







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