The Mid Length Haircuts

This year, there are many haircuts to choose from, but which one is the most popular? Yep, it is the mid length haircuts! Mid length haircut suit all face shapes and hair types. Mid length hair is gaining popularity due to the versatility of haircuts that can be experimented with and sported. Those with mid length hair can experiment with short haircut styles and long hairstyles. It is also to easy to maintain and carry off medium length hair.

Mid length is the safe alternative! Mid length haircuts can help to create a variety of styles without too many hassles. The hair can be curly, wavy or straight, mid length haircuts are bound to suit any kind depending upon the texture of the hair. The most important feature is that the mid length haircut can enhance the beauty of wearer as it easily highlights the facial features. The best thing is that it also helps to hide certain undesired features. In short, it can easily hide the flaws and add charm to the overall personality! Wow…

The variety styles of mid length haircuts

Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts certainly need no introduction, as a majority of women with medium length hair wear them in their everyday lives. Bob hairstyles look their best when sported on straight, silky, and fine hair. There are many variations that you can do while wearing shoulder-length bob haircuts such as experimenting with straight or side swept fringes or the texture of the hair. To create volume to the sides, you can get your side hair curled. A stylish variation of the typical medium length bob is an asymmetrical bob.

Mid Length Haircuts with Bangs

Mid length haircuts with bangs that could easily extend down into the eyes provide a sort of forgiving fringe to work with. This style works particularly well with those who have naturally curly or wavy hair. The longer bangs can be blown out by using a one inch boar bristle brush and a blow dryer to help add volume while curling the bangs up out of the eyes helping them to blend in with longer hair. Rather than having blunt bangs that are meant to hold their shape, these bangs can be tossed to the side remaining breezy and free.

Blunt Haircut

Blunt haircut have made a comeback this year, and they are made soft and ethereal by the addition of side swept bangs. Earlier blunt haircuts tended to look too severe. But this can be solved by cutting hair in subtle long layers at the back, so that hair looks bouncy and full. To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair in a blunt cut with hair just grazing your neck. Subtle long layers should be cut all through the back of the hair with an angled cut at the sides. Also request for a side swept wispy fringe. To style this haircut, apply a bit of shine serum to the length of your hair and blow dry hair straight. Create a deep side part, and flat iron the side fringe.

 Mid Length Haircut Face Framing Layers

If you’re ready for an amazing mid length haircut but want to forget about having any distinct bangs this is the style for you. Simply ask your stylist for face framing layers of hair that form a blunt line that gradually starts below the chin. With this look your bangs hang freely, mingling with other hairs.

Then, let’s take a look some example below!

Haircut Tips

  • Medium length haircuts need to be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks so that they do not lose the basic shape of the haircut.
  • For a casual occasion, just blow dry your bangs and leave the rest as it is, if you have wavy hair. If it’s straight hair that you have, then use bright colored clips to fasten some portions of your hair in such a way that it looks carefully, casually styled.
  • Use some highlights to add some dimension to the hair.
  • Try using some hair accessories that help you to create new looks.
  • Use reputed styling products.
  • You can also blow-dry the hair using a large round brush. This would help to accentuate the layers around the face.
  • Maintain the volume of the hair by using shampoos that help to add volume and condition your hair as well.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Choppy haircuts are the next big thing for medium hair. Get some gorgeous choppy layers and flaunt them with a messy, out-of-bed look.
  • If you’re thinking naughty yet nice, then you can have a few of your strands streaked.

Don’t hesitate to try some options above , to get the best results, consider which is the most appropriate style, and if you can’t determine then ask your hairdresser.


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