The Medium Hair Length Hairstyles

Medium hair is the most versatile type of hair. The perfect length of hair to have is medium. It’s not too long and not too short. And Medium hair length hairstyles has many hairstyles that really useful for any occasion.

And moreover, these hairstyles are more simple and easy to manage all the time. There’s some ideas I’d share with you here, all about Medium hair length hairstyles:

Fringes are back, and how! It’s no longer just shiny-shoed school girls who’ll sport fringes. Models on the ramp, celebrities on the red carpet and even on various TV shoes and movies; they’re all turning to fringes to get an instant makeover. That ought to be your cue if you watch the fashion circuit closely to be in touch with the latest fashion trends.


Layers are the most popular hairstyles for medium hair. The type of hair doesn’t really matter. Curly, straight, sleek, wavy; whatever type your hair is, just get them cut into some glorious layers, and enjoy your brand new bouncy man.

Updo Hairstyles

To try out a simple updo hairstyle, comb all your hair back and tie a bun near the crown. Then leave some strands loose, near the sides of the face to soften your look. If you want a more elegant and beautiful looking updo style for a party then try out this idea. Tie all your hair near the nape of neck in a semi-tight bun, leave 2-4 strands at sides open, and some side bangs. Fix a hair accessory on the bun, and apply some hairspray to hold the style better.

Side-swept Bangs

Bangs never really go out of style. That’s what makes them such a versatile hairstyle. Bangs with any type and length of hair look brilliant, so medium hair is just perfect. The trend in 2012 is going to be side-swept bangs, so make sure you take special care of them. Leave them be or fasten them to the side using fancy glimmering pins with open or tied hair.

These above are a few ideas of Medium hair length hairstyles. You need to consider your style first according your face shape and your outfit. If not, I’m afraid it’ll not suits you well. Ask your friend and stylist at salon near you. It’s quite fun when we trying to experiment our style. There’s no harm on it BUT QUITE FUN THOUGH!




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