The Low Fade Haircut for Men

There are many possibilities for this kind of haircut. But a low fade haircut would be your next option. A low fade haircut is one of the most popular haircuts for men. “Low” meaning that the hair is shaved completely to the skin around the bottom of the sides and back of the head and then tapered or “faded” into the length on top.

Sometimes the low fade haircut is combined with blended fade hairstyle. When done properly, a low fade hairstyle doesn’t show any lines like the tapered fade hairstyles. This hairstyle creates an illusion of thick hair at the top of the head. If you have straight and wavy hair, you can certainly try the low fade hairstyle for yourself. If you are getting the haircut done by a knowledgeable professional, you can also ask him to do a few variations with your original hairline. You can try an oval or heart shaped hairline instead of your original one, which will give you a totally different look.

A low fade haircut is one of type of fade haircut that easy-to-maintain. The type of fade haircut actually depends on the length of the hair that you want to maintain. Besides this type, you can go for another type of fade haircut like high-fade, taper fade or high and tight. Basically, all types of fade haircuts are extremely masculine and quintessential for men. So, if you looking for haircut that really versatile, don’t hesitate to try this out!







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