The Lovely Haircuts for Older Women

Just because you’re over 50, 60 or even more…it doesn’t mean you have to wear frumpy clothes and have a simple boring haircut. There are some sophisticated, elegant and lovely haircuts for older women to choose from. Older women need to sport haircuts that appropriate to their age and lifestyle, so that their beauty and elegance is highlighted.

Pixie Cut

If you want a low maintenance, yet stylish, haircut, go for the classic pixie cut. The pixie cut is very short and generally goes between two to four inches in length. You will need to do a little bit of styling with a product such as gel, mousse or hair wax to give it a nice style and shape. If you are a woman on-the-go, but want a cool and fashionable hairstyle, this cut is especially suited for you.

Buzzed Cut

This is probably one of the best haircuts for older women besides pixie cut that can be worn if you have extremely short hair. Moreover, it also requires the least of hair maintenance and care. It is kind of a crew cut that is generally worn by men. If you let the hair grow a bit longer, you can even have a spiky haircut and create different variations.

Bob Cut

One of the common short haircuts for older women is the bob cut. The bob needs no introduction and is a low maintenance haircut. This hairstyle brings out the best features of every women. Bob haircuts are of many types – the classic bob cut, the inverted bob cut and the asymmetrical bob cut. Your bob should be carefully crafted to maximize the effect of the style. Find a shape that will accentuate your unique facial structure, or highlight a long, beautiful neck.

Short Layered Bob

This is the smallest variation of the conventional bob cut. In a very short layered bob, the hair is cut above the ear level and the ends are trimmed off. This is also one of the lowest hair maintenance haircuts.

Pictures of The Lovely Haircuts for Older Women

As you can see, haircuts for older women are only about rediscovering yourself and being pepped up to try new looks. So all the ladies out there…simply let your hair down and enjoy life to the fullest!







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