The Lovely Curly Weave Hairstyles for Women

Curls are undeniably identical  with luxury  and beauty. Curly weave hairstyles is the best way to spice up your look. Curly weaves are an easy way to add a great deal of volume to hair and are very versatile in their styling options.   If you are not gifted with natural curls, you can opt for a hair-curling iron or hair perming option from your stylist.

Depending on the type of your curls and your face shape, weave hairstyles can be tried on your hair. Variety is key in making sure your curly weave lasts long and looks great. There are various styles you can wear with this type of hair.

Tracking and Fusion Style

Tracking and fusion are some other popular curly weave hairstyles for black hair. In tracking, curly hair is braided in a circular pattern. Your curly hair can also be braided in a style from front to back in rows or from front to back in vertical rows. Fusion is a very complicated curly weave hairstyle in which small sections of hair are glued to the roots of the natural hair.

High Ponytail

One of the best curly weave hairstyle is to tie your hair in a high ponytail and leave some curly bangs open near your forehead. This will give your face a great look as tying back your hair will make it look sharper. If you have put some heavy eye make-up it will look more prominent when hair is tied at the back.

Short Bohemian Curls

A short, curly weave can be used to create a very bohemian hairstyle. The ideal weave type to use is one with a very tight curl. Your existing hair is braided into cornrows that act as the base for the weave attachment. Once the weave is in place, the hair is cut short all over. It’s not necessary to create a perfectly symmetrical cut since the odd curl extending beyond the line of the cut only adds to the carefree nature of the style. In terms of styling, the curls can be left tight in order to give the full effect of the curls. Alternatively, the curls can be separated to create a fuller hairstyle with a more retro afro appearance. For this hairstyle, a human hair weave is a better choice since it creates a more natural appearance than the synthetic variety.

French Bun

Pin your hair into a french bun. Use bobby pins and hair pins to secure the bun in place. Choose to leave out the bangs or small pieces of your hair.

Curled Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyles don’t have to be straight. When done with curls, this medium-length hairstyle gives you a fun, youthful appearance. When selecting a weave, keep in mind that this hairstyle works with both tight and loose curls, so women can choose their favorite curl type to complete the look. After attaching the weave, the hair is then cut to roughly shoulder-length. The type of curl you choose will affect the cut of the bangs. When using a tightly curled weave, the bangs should either be left long or cut long enough to obscure the eyes. Looser curls have the option of being cut shorter since they can easily be swept aside.


If you want to make your curls look longer, then you can go with the braids! Play around with your curls an weave them into braids that are longer at the back and shorter at the front to have a long curly hairstyle. Experiment with a side-parting for a voluminous look.

Deep Wave Weave Style

Worn long, this curled hairstyle creates a great deal of drama. For more all-over volume, select a weave with a shorter wave. Attach the weave so that the waves are visible near the crown and extend to roughly midway down the back. A more refined hairstyle can be achieved using a weave with a wider curl. The hair is straightened until about chin level and then the big loose curls extend the rest of the length.

The Example Pictures of  Curly Weave Hairstyles for Women

Tips How to Care Curly Weave Hairstyles for Women:

  1. Avoid blow drying. To prevent frizz and dryness, let your curly weave air dry naturally after washing or wetting. If this is not an option, invest in an ionic hair dryer with an attached diffuser.
  2. When it’s hot or humid, it may be best to wear the hair tied back and away from the face. Although extensions hold curls better than real hair, the extensions will frizz with hot weather and humidity.
  3. Detangle gently. To keep your curly weave looking good for longer, regular detangling is necessary. Section the hair into three or four sections and clip it up. Focusing on one section at a time, gently comb the weave with a wide-tooth or shower comb. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the track. A leave-in conditioning detangler may help the comb glide through the weave easier.

Curly hair are usually frizzy and dry. You should always keep them moisturized with appropriate hair mousse, hair gels and leave-in conditioners. Take advice from as many hairstylists and friends as you want before going through with your decision.






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