The Jazzing Hair Color

Are you looking for a good hair dye? I’d suggest you jazzing hair color. Simple, Easy to dye, non fuss and the most important is No ammonia and No peroxide formulas. yep. it’s kinda relieved, right?

As you can see Jazzing hair color is a temporary hair color that contains no-ammonia and no-peroxide formulas. Dramatic shades add sizzling, vibrant color. Soft shades are subtle, adding richness and depth to natural hair color. 3 oz. size. Jazzing is a hair product that adds shine and conditioning to colored, permed or dry hair.  It’s so gentle and easy to use, you can apply it immediately after relaxing treatments.  The Jazzing requires you to apply the color to wet hair, then sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.  And since you can use it as a temporary color, you can try on different hairstyles for “wild weekend” hair even do a simple touch up for special occasions!

And how to lighten with jazzing hair color?

  • Choose a color from the Jazzing range that is lighter than your own. For example if your hair is brown, choose “Creme Soda” or “Bold Gold.”
  • Cover the shoulders with cape and put on plastic gloves. Apply the color to dry hair either all over or just as highlights. Lift strands of hair evenly around the head and apply the color using sectioning clips. Blow dry until it becomes “flaky” then shampoo out and condition hair. This will make the color semi-permanent.
  • Lighten your hair even more by using Clairols pre-lightener and Jazzing. Mix the BW2 powder lightener with white creme developer to a consistency that does not drip. Coat the hair with liquid brushing in carefully. Shampoo and dry hair. Then for highlights and depth add Spiced Cognac Jazzing to strands of hair using sectioning clips to separate hair. Add Creme Soda Jazzing to the rest of the hair. Dry immediately for a semi-permanent effect. Shampoo and condition.

The benefits:

  1. 15 no-ammonia, no-peroxide shades
  2. Use to enhance, refresh, brighten and condition your hair
  3. Can be used immediately following a relaxer service
  4. Temporary results when no heat is applied
  5. Semi-permanent results when heat is applied
  6. For natural, colored, permed or relaxed hair

Ingredients :

water, 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1, 3-Pentanediol, hyrdoxyethyl cellulose, ammonium lauryl sulfate, citric acid, fragrance, polysorbate 20, (and then lists the dyes; blue 1, orange 4, etc)

Then what are you waiting for?  Make everyday fierce with jazzing hair color!






2 thoughts on “The Jazzing Hair Color

  1. Vivo aqui en HONDURAS,uso el color mocha 97, pero donde lo compraba dicen que esta descontinuado y no lo encuentro, saben un lugar donde ustedes lo venden en San PEDRO sULA, Honduras.Tengo como 6 años de usarlo, me encanta como luce mi cabello.

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