The Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

The wedding day is one of the most important day for all brides. It is the day that she look her best and her hair is very important. Especially for those who choose a long wedding hairstyles are. One of the best wedding hairstyles this season, that is much in vogue is the half up half down hairstyle. For long hair, these hairstyles could be the best option for those of you who looking for a simple and elegant for your wedding day. Half Up Half Down style is great because it keeps your hair pinned off your face but the loose lengths keep it looking relaxed and pretty. Choosing the half up half down wedding hairstyles you want for your wedding can be a difficult task. But no worries, mentioned below are some variations of half up half down wedding hairstyles that you can choose.

There are many different half up half down wedding hairstyles out there to choose from, and many depend on your wedding atmosphere, hair type and length.

Straight Styles

Straight, sleek styles work well for half up half down wedding hairstyles for long hair as well. Pull the front half of the hair into a tight ponytail or bun and leave the back super straight and shiny. This elegant look works extremely well in the evening or for ultra-formal events. Leave bangs that either hang straight down across the forehead or create a part on one side and sweep the remaining hair behind the ears. Pin the bangs in place if you opt to sweep them away from the face. Pulling the front half of the hair back into a ponytail works whether you pull it straight back tight, loose or part the hair creatively.

Braid Styles

Sweep half of the hair up by using braids pinned into place. For very long hair, a tiara or halo can be made of the bride’s hair in a fine braid. Incorporate ribbons, beading or tiny baby’s breath flowers into the braid. Wrap the braid around her head, securing it with hair clips. Allow the rest of her hair to flow down the back, straight or with added curls. Long ribbons also can be tied to the back side of the braid to flow down her back.

Mini Twist

This style is popular for brides because a small bun or twist can be created on the upper half of the head, which will hold a headpiece or a veil. Divide the hair into an upper section and a lower section. The upper section should be gathered and twisted into a bun or twist. The hair can be secured first with a rubber band and then hairpins for added support. The lower section of the hair can be worn straight or curled with a curling iron to create long ringlets.


This look is popular for weddings, proms and other special events because adornments like jewelry, ribbons or flowers can be wrapped around the ponytail for an added festive touch. Divide the hair into two sections, the upper half and the lower half. Gather the upper section and secure it with a rubber band to create a ponytail. The remaining hair will hang down and can be worn straight or curled

60′s Style

To achieve this retro look, divide the hair into two sections, half down and half up. Brush the top section of the hair until it is smooth and wrap it around a hair insert.  To achieve maximum results, it’s best to tease the hair first. This will create a highly stylized dome on the upper half of the head. The rest of the hair can either be brushed straight or you can create long ringlet curls using a curling iron.

Some example pictures below may be able to provide a new inspiration for you. Let’s take a look!

A half up half down wedding hairstyles allows you to get the best of both world on your wedding day, the look of a formal updo, mixed with carefree curls cascading in the back. This style can be easily worn with a wedding veil, flowers, or jewelry accents. You can also wear your hair in the half up style during the ceremony, and then switch your style to fully being worn down during the reception.








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