The Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

The square face shape is characterized by having strong angles at the jaw and forehead. The proportions in height and width of the face may be close to the ideal, but the angles at the lower and upper sections of the face are the key. In more pronounced cases, the face shape can be easily recognized, but is often mistaken for other face types unless the shape is obvious. Dealing with the square face shape requires implementing a style that features curves at the forehead and jaw line with some volume on top and the sides to soften the angles of the face.

When we speak about the best hairstyles for square face shape, the you should opt short and medium hairstyles. Short and medium length hair suits a square face. To soften the look of a square face, women should opt for bangs as well as layers. Instead, to add roundness to the square face shape, add layers near the cheekbones, and for temples use soft bangs. However, you can also go with long curly or wavy hairstyles, as they will help to add roundness to the face. But, avoid long straight hairstyles for square shaped faces, and center partings. You also need to avoid haircuts with straight lines, and women need to avoid very short hairstyles too. Haircuts like short blunt bob till chin need to be avoided too, along with long straight hairstyles.

There are many celebs which have a square face shape, and you can consider getting the square face hairstyles sported by them. Celebs which have square face shape are   Kate Bosworth,  Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Demi Moore,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman,  Keira Knightley, Sandra Bullock, etc.

Short Hairstyle

Short concave bob is a great looking hairstyle for a square face shape. The sides falling forward soften the jaw line, while the diagonal bangs also are ideal for minimizing squareness. The hairstyle has a rounded appearance making it the right choice for framing square face shapes. Other short styles that will work are looks with soft wispy side parted swept across bangs in wavy or curly textures.

Medium Hairstyle

This medium hairstyle has all the right ingredients to suit and compliment square faces. The sides are soft and wispy, falling onto the jaw line hiding squareness, and the side swept bangs create a diagonal illusion that loses any focus on squareness. The graduated sides and back angle up creating a whole new shape to frame the face. Other variations in different textures will also work keeping to this theme.

Sleek Ponytail

Best attempted with reasonably long hair, a sleek and shiny ponytail allows you to show off your square features, while length from the ponytail makes the face appear longer. This look can easily be achieved in the comfort of your own home and with very little effort. Begin by treating wet hair with an anti-frizz serum. Blow dry hair on a low setting, gently combing each section as you dry. Once hair is thoroughly dried, comb the top of your hair straight back, covering the part. Gather all hair into both hands high upon the head, near the crown. Place into an elastic band.

Loose Curls

Large, loose, and elegant curls work especially well for the square-shaped face, as volumized hair aides in the appearance of a smaller head and face. Best attempted with hair that reaches at least the shoulder, this look can easily be achieved in the comfort of your own home. Begin by placing clean hair into large hot rollers, curling over from the ends and stopping as close to the root as possible. Spritz lightly with hairspray and leave rollers in for 4 – 5 minutes, until spray is dry. Remove rollers from hair, gently loosen curls with fingers, and top off with a light amount of hairspray.


In addition, you must Avoid blunt bobs, especially sitting at chin length with straight heavy bangs as this will accentuate your jaw line and squareness. Or Middle parts with solid bangs can also work against you. For another ideas you can find it plenty at magazine or just browsing it in internet, there are plenty pictures at there. Grab the good one, give it to your hairstylist. done. :D




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