The Hairstyles for Special Occasions

For a special occasions such as the holidays party, homecoming dance, proms, weddings and even a special Valentine’s Day dinner, you must have something good that will make you look stunning and looking gorgeous. Be it with a new outfits and special hairstyles! For the hairstyle, many occasions that may call for a special hair style.Some occasions, such as a wedding or prom…may require more formal, elaborate styles, while a casual holiday party or homecoming dance may only need a mildly spruced up look. Whatever the occasion, there are many different styles you can choose from for a memorable and beautiful look.

Retro Chic Hairstyles

Retro will always represent the timeless symbol of femininity, sophistication and style. What better way to stand out than by choosing the perfect hairstyle that guarantees uniqueness and creativity, without taking into consideration fashion trends or different restrictive rules.

Don’t be afraid to shine wearing one of these next retro chic hairstyles for special occasions. For example, you can make finger waves, which were developed in the 1920s, by washing your hair and towel dry it.  Then, apply some hair mousse and start by combing a hair section down and push back to form a wave. Keep the ridge you created using your index and middle finger and secure with a sectioning clip. Continue the process and create waves. After hair is dry, remove the clips. For a perfect retro, mysterious look, set the parting on one side.

Updo Hairstyles

Classic and chic, updos are indisputably the most popular type of hair style for a special occasions. A simple French twist or basic updo style is sleek and elegant, while a half updo is a bit more casual and romantic. You can leave face framing tendrils to add softness to an updo, or consider a more elaborate updo with braids.


A chignon is a great look for long hair. Opt for a messy chignon for a more stylish and chic effect. Pull all your hair up into a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Cover the elastic band with your random hair strands, and secure it with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail. Twist the hair into itself, and secure with bobby pins. Add flowers or small cute combs to complete the look. This lovely hairstyle is a great choice if you want a chic, out-of-bed look, with a touch of class.


Braids themselves can be perfect for a special occasion. Delicate micro braids are very feminine, while thicker braids can be elegant and sophisticated. French braids are great for medium or long hair, and elaborate braid twists turn this everyday style into a formal look.

Side-swept Ponytail

If you have long hair, another option is to go for a side swept ponytail. This look is a great choice for long curly hair. Start by securing the hair at the base of the neck, so that the ponytail drapes over the shoulder. To give it a more complete look, add bangs and secure with a jeweled clip or a satin ribbon.

Loose Bun

The loose bun is one of those lifesaver hairstyles for a special occasions that flatters every face, looks effortlessly chic and keeps your hair off your neck. The best part about a loose bun is that it is almost impossible to mess up, so your first effort should be just right.

To create:

  1. Wrap a ponytail holder around your wrist so that it accessible and easy to reach.
  2. Gather all of your hair with both hands and hold it at the height you prefer the most.
  3. Hold hair loosely for a relaxed, casual style.
  4. Flip the bottom end of the gathered hair underneath the main section of hair, right next to your head. This is what makes it a bun as opposed to a ponytail.
  5. The more times you fold the bottom section of hair under the rest of the hair, the more folds you will have in your bun.
  6. Grab hair at the top of your head, above the bun, and tease gently by pulling up to achieve a looser look.
  7. Wrap the ponytail holder around your hair to hold it in place. For thicker hair, use a thick, strong ponytail holder.

The Pixie Cut

One of the best short hairstyles for a special occasions is the pixie haircut. It would look better if you had straight hair, and when sprayed with a little mousse, would stay in place all through the event or occasion. Though you can have your short pixie haircuts look funky simply by using your fingers as a combing tool, it is ideal to keep it simple at a special event.

The Rose Style for curly hair

One of the special hairstyles for curly hair that you can try is the rose style. You need to use your fingers and lift your hair from one side of the head and smoothen the hair with a comb. Once your curls smooth out, slide in a thick barrette into the hair you just parted with your fingers. Secure the barrette along the head and use hair care products like a liquid curl definer to give a finer and glossy appearance. If you are trying out this hairstyle as a wedding hairstyles for long hair, then add a rose, carnation or rhinestone clip to your hair to make it look more attractive. This hairstyle is perfect to match a little black dress.

The Hairstyles for Special Occasions Gallery

Hairstyles for a special occasion can turn an ordinary look into an extraordinary one, but remember it isn’t just your hair that makes the event special, it is the fun time you have with friends and family, and the confident way you feel knowing you look as special as the occasion you’re celebrating. Have a great time!










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