The Hairstyles for Oval Faces

People who have oval faces are lucky as there are many oval face shapes and hairstyles. This face cut is balanced, therefore, many different types of hairstyles can best suit this face shape. Selecting a hairstyle for oval face type, the hairstyle should be such that it cover the sides of your face, and brings attention to your best facial feature. Here, we shall take a look at some hairstyles for oval faces.

If you have medium length hair or straight fine hair. Try layered hairstyles for oval faces. To get these layered hairstyles for oval faces, keep the length till middle of the neck or till your shoulders. Then cut the hair into deep layers, and style them inwards. Cut the front section of your hair into long side sweeping bangs, and cut the ends of the bangs choppy, so that the ends of the hair look well separated. Style the layered hair near the sides of the face.

Another hairstyles for oval faces is curly wavy hairstyles. These styles are good for people who have naturally wavy or curly hair. However, people with straight hair can also get these haircuts for oval faces by styling their hair wavy using a curling hair serum on wet hair and scrunching the hair. This will give beach wavy hair. However, using a curling iron you will get well-defined curls. To cut your hair into such a curly hairstyle. Get some layers near the crown to add volume, and then cut the rest of the hair into layers and pieces, so that you get a tapering ends look. Then, accompany this style with some choppy cut side sweeping bangs.

On the other hand, such as chignon are recommended for special occasions. Regular oval face shape will be also complimented by braids or ponytails made on both sides of the head. In addition, if you have straight fine and long hair, then go for a sleek layered cut. This long layered hair style will make you look elegant. Start cutting into deep layers below your chin and style the hair inwards. The front section of your hair should be cut into side bangs. The length of the bangs should be maintained a bit above the eyebrows; you can use a blow dryer to style these bangs sideways and inwards.

Although oval face shapes can tolerate almost every hairstyle, choosing the one which elongate already long face is probably not the best idea. And too heavy bangs do not work well with oval face shape, which should be emphasized, not hidden under layers of hair. For the better, you need to discuss the hairstyle you want with your stylist first, so that you end up with a nice looking oval face shaped hairstyle.









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