The Hairstyles for Men with Heart Shaped-Faces

A heart shaped face is wide at both the temples and hairline, holding its size pretty uniformly to the cheekbones before narrowing to a small chin. If you feel your chin is too pointy, a haircut can draw attention away from that feature. A widow’s peak may further emphasize the heart shape. Hairstyles for this facial shape are mostly longer, intended to add volume below the cheekbones. For men who have this facial shape and looking for the right hairstyle, no worries… Mentioned below are some ideas for hairstyles for heart shaped face men.  Read on..

The first ideas of hairstyles for heart shaped face men; Try the ivy league hairstyle(long crew cut). Some barbers describe an ivy league as a crew cut just long enough to be parted and combed to the side if so desired. An ivy league can also be worn with the hair brushed up off the forehead to form the short pomp front or with the short bangs brushed down on the forehead like a forward brush cut. Or you can go with a regular layer or taper cut. If you want a very short haircut, try a short pomp style-crew cut and flat top crew cut is a better idea than a butch.

On the other hand, trimmed short hair will accentuate the eyes and facial features on a heart-shaped face. To create this style, ask your hairdresser to trim your hair close to your head on the sides and start to lengthen it out above the ear line. The hair should begin to lengthen to about half an inch near the ear line and 1 inch at the top of the head. To style this look, comb the hair out naturally, sweeping it off to one side of the other to frame your face. Add a bit of medium-hold hair spray to hold the hair in this style throughout the day.

Short hair with layered bangs will frame a heart-shaped face and bring focus to the mouth and jaw line. To create this look, ask your hairdresser to trim the body of your hair down to about 1 inch. The bangs of your hair should be left at about ear length and layered to add depth to the look. Layering the hair means to cut gradually shortening lengths to add the illusion of volume. When styling this look, comb the body of the hair smooth and sweep your layered bangs primarily to one side. Add some medium-hold hairspray to keep the hair in this style throughout the day.

Another idea of the Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face Men is straight down style. This style is for Medium-length hair. This style will frame a heart-shaped face and make the jaw line appear wider to even out the facial features. Ask your hairdresser for a layered cut just below your jaw line to achieve this look. This hair is easy to style. Simply brush out the hair to smooth it and flip your head upside down so that your hair hangs towards the floor. Put a dollop of medium-hold mousse in one palm and rub your hands together to evenly coat each palm. Run your hands through your hair and allow the mousse to dry before flipping the head back upright. Smooth with a brush, and the style is complete

One of the best hairdos for you would be a side part with some height to the hair on the side rather than in the middle of the head. The idea is to get an asymmetrical look to de-emphasize your small lower face. You should also keep the upper sides very close to your head, either cut very short or combed severely back.  Another good thing would be to wear the back of your hair about chin length and if it curls some, to fluff it out at the sides of your neck from the back, showing some at each side of your face, as this will balance out the small lower face. If you still can’t determine, you can go to your favorite barber shop to achieve the best results.



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