The Great Idea of Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

The great thing about having long hair to work with when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle is the versatility and choice you’ll be able to get as long hair will allow you to get so many hairstyles to opt for! You can create elegant looking hairstyle with straight hair, or gorgeous hairstyles with curly hair. Or you can simply leave your hair open and use few accessories for a flattering relaxed look. For more details, here are some various ideas of wedding hairstyles for long hair :

Side Pinned Long Curly Hairstyle

To add a touch of class and glamorous interest to a long curly hairstyle, try pinning a section of your hair to the side with a hair accessory. For this type of look, the bigger the hair accessory, the better, but keep it to the theme of your wedding or as an accessory that will compliment your wedding dress.

French Twist Updos for Long Hair

French twist hairstyles are the most elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair, you can try for yourself. They are simple to put together as well. To make the French twist, make two even sections of your hair and straighten hair of each section with a comb. Now, secure one section of the hair, only for the time being. Now, concentrate on the front section of the free section of the hair and twist them tightly. Keep twisting them until you reach to the ear and secure them with a nice barrette. Repeat the process with hair on the other side of your forehead and secure them with another barrette. Now, gather the remaining hair at the back of the head and tuck them into a French twist.

Retro Hairstyles

If you’re more into retro wedding hairstyles for long hair then nothing will work better than a simple smooth ponytail. Your wedding ponytail can be made by starting high on your head before you smoothly coil it down your neck. A little styling wax or gel will be useful for making the ends smooth and well formed with no wisps.

The sleek up-do is another good retro style to consider. Your front fringe will be swept up into a simple bun that you will then pin just below the crown. If you wish to be both a bride and a princess then wedding hairstyles for long hair such as this will allow for the addition of a tiara or other hair related jewelry. You may perfect this style by leaving a few wispy strands of hair to frame your face, or alternatively you may trim some bangs.

Curly Half Updos for Long Hair

This hairstyle gives a bride a real romantic look. If you bear straight hair, then curling hair is always an option for you if you wish to try the curly half updo. Once you are done with that, gather the hair from the side of the head (as you do for making a half ponytail) and secure them below the base. Now, fold the hair over the base in order to create a loop. Now tuck this loop at the top and the bottom, using hairpins. This way you will find half of your curls falling down on your back. You can follow the same process with all the hair, leaving only a few strategic locks at the front of the head. You can make various braid hairstyles with half updos.

And i will give some examples, like the picture below:

Pick one the best hairstyle for your long hair to create beautiful looking wedding hairstyles. Choose the most you like or according to your theme wedding day is the better. Make sure you use a hair spray once you have styled your hair, to last long your style.


Have a great wedding ! : D









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