The Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyles

Flat twist hairstyles are very popular among women, especially with those who have curly or kinky hair. Women with curly or kinky hair often fall short of hairstyles and have to sport the same ones repeatedly. Nowadays, this trend is changing and many new hairstyles are seen invading the curly hair world. One of them is the flat hair twist which is meant for curly hair and looks great on it.

This is an every-day hairstyle, yet still looks very polished. It also allows you a great deal of creative freedom for making hairstyles. These twists look so funky that women with straight hair curl their hair only so that they can boast flat twist hairstyles.


This hairstyle is suitable for hair that is naturally curly and for anyone who wants to have hair partly contained and partly displaying natural curls. This hairstyle consists of hair that is flat twisted from the hairline to three or four inches back. The flat twist ends there and the natural curls, with the help of gel or a styling product, cascade down the back of the head. As a finishing touch, add a head band or a scarf.


The flat twist bun works well for an evening night out, a formal interview or business meeting or a hairstyle to keep hair out of your face and off your neck. To create the flat twist bun, create a flat twist on top of your head, and then secure the rest of the hair into a bun by twisting it to one side and wrapping it around itself. Secure the bun in place with a hair band or clips. The bun can either be a low bun or a high bun.

French Twist

Flat twisted hair shaped into a French twist is an ideal hairdo for flat twisted hair. Flat twists are so easy to manipulate, it’s not hard at all to get them into a curved formation along your head, ideal for making a French twist. This hairstyle consists of lines of flat twists curving upwards horizontally along either side of the head until they meet in the middle. Once the sections of hair meet from either side, the hair twists into a standard French twist and secured by pins.

The Examples Styles of Flat Twits

Nicole Ari Parker with Flat Twist

Flat twist hairstyles are works best on natural African-American hair. Also, fat twists are a good hairstyle if you are willing to sleep with a stocking cap, because it will last for several days.




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