The Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles

There are numerous hairstyles are available for women nowadays, from short to long hair, every all kinds of hair has the style! when it comes to the braided hairstyles, many various braid and ways to create that you can opt to. Even you can experiment and combine these styles with with another hairstyle. These hairstyles work best for shoulder length to long hair.

These low maintenance hairstyles are great for special occasions like weddings and parties as well. If you want to know some best braided hairstyles for women, then keep reading.

The Regular Braids

The three strand thick braid, also known as a plait is the most common braided hairstyle. You can pair this with side-swept bangs and have a classy look. Tie a rubber band to the braid and leave a long length of hair free at the bottom to have a pretty look. You can have two simple braids, one on each side as well.

The Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

This is the most simplest braid hairstyles! But how to do?Here’s the steps!

To create:

  • Untangle the hair and split into two sections. You may secure the top of the braid with an elastic ponytail holder, but it isn’t necessary.
  • Work a braid into a section of hair. Hold the hair to the opposite side while you’re braiding, so it will lie flat when it’s wrapped.
  • Repeat this process on the opposite side of the head, making a second hair braid.
  • Wrap each braid around the head, crossing over the back center part.
  • Tuck the ends of the braids in underneath themselves, so the elastic bands don’t show. You might want to secure the braids with a bobby pin underneath the braid.
  • DONE!

Tips :

  • Use a side part and a French or Dutch braid for a variation that works well on shorter hair or to hide bangs.
  • Remove all bobby pins before unraveling a braid to prevent tangles that can damage hair.

The French Braid Hairstyle

This is the most common cute braided hairstyles! To create; start with separate out a section of hair at the top of your hair. Not quite half-up,  should be less hair than that. Then Split that into three parts. After that, take one of the outer sections and cross it over the middle section so that it replaces the middle. The middle becomes the side you just moved. The next steps; still holding the other two sections, pick up the opposite side section, add a bit of hanging hair to it and move that section into the middle. Go repeat this action (picking up a side section, adding hair and moving it into the middle) all the way down your scalp. Once all of the hanging hair is braided, you’re done with the hard part. Lastly, Regular braid your hair down to the ends and secure with a small, clear elastic.

For side french braid, you can start with comb your hair well. Make sure that your hair is not entangled. You need to separate your hair from the crown to the nape into two equal sections. Use a clip to hold one section while you braid one section. Divide the hair in three equal sections at the front hair line and start making the basic French Plait. Keep braiding till you reach the nape. Take the clip out from the other section and use it to hold the braid you have just made. Start braiding the second section by following the same steps and stop when you have braided as far as the nape. Now you need to combine the hair and plait them in a simple plait.Once you reach the ends, secure it with a band.

A French braid is a stylish way to keep your hair contained, especially if you have a job that requires that your hair be away from your face or pulled back into a hairnet. French braids can be worn to both casual events and dressed up for formal occasions.

The Fishtail or Herringbone Braid Hairstyle

The fishtail or herringbone braid appears very complex and difficult to master, but in reality it is easy to do. Each time you create a braid, you’ll get better and better at it. To create these braid, you can following some steps below!

To create:

  • Pull the hair back into a ponytail or gather the hair you want to start the braid with. The ponytail gives it a tighter appearance, while the loose method allows you to choose how tight you want the herringbone braid to be.
  • Separate a section of hair where the braid will start either near the middle top of the head or at the top of the ponytail. Divide it into two equal parts. Hold both in your left hand using your fingers to keep them separated. This leaves the left hand free for making the braid.
  • Gather a small amount of hair from the right side. If using the ponytail method of herringbone braid, gather the hair from the bottom of the right section. Cross it over the right section and add it to the left section. Transfer all of the hair, still separated by your fingers, to your right hand to leave your left hand free to do the left side.
  • Grab a small amount of hair from the left side this time. Cross it over the left section and add it to the right section.
  • Transfer the separated hair back to the right hand and repeat Steps 3 and 4 until there’s no more hair to add for the loose method or just a couple of inches are left of the ponytail. You are left with two sections.
  • Hold one section in each hand if you’re using the loose method. Use your fingers to separate a small amount from the left side and add it to the section in your right hand. Repeat this using a small amount from the right side and adding it to the section in your left hand. Continue back and forth until you have a couple of inches left to complete the herringbone braid.
  • Use a hair band to secure the remaining hair. Leave enough room at the end that the tie can’t work itself off the hair.

The Poufy Braid

Pump up the volume by running a volumizing mousse through wet hair and then blowing dry upside down to create mega volume. Create extra lift at your roots with a round brush, pointing the blow dryer upwards. Once your hair’s dry, tease the top of your hair until it’s big and bumpy on top. Pull hair into a loose ponytail and secure with an elastic hair band to keep it in place. Braid the length of the ponytail, then secure it at the ends with another hair elastic. Blast with hairspray and head out that door to show off your new, sexy style.

Braided Updos

Another idea of the braided hairstyles is braided updos. For braided updos there are some variations, such as; Low Braided Bun, French Braid Updos, Half up updos, micro braid updos, etc. If you wear braided updos, remember to use few hair accessories like headbands, beautiful hair pins, beads, etc. to make your style look even better. And to hold your updo style for longer and better, use a hairspray. When the braided hairstyles and updo hairstyle ideas are combined you can create an even more beautiful looking hairstyle, that can save you from a bad hair day or make you look stunning for a party.

The Cornrows Braids

  1. Use a medium-to-fine-toothed comb to part the hair, separating a row of hair into your desired length.
  2. Determine the direction you want the braid to go in. Remember to begin braiding at the base of the strand, moving out to the tips. This will give you that smooth, finished look that makes these braids so popular.
  3. Once you’ve figured out which way you want the cornrows to go, go to the section you want to begin with and separate it into three small sections. The left strand will be A, the middle B, and the right strand will be C.
  4. Begin braiding:
    1. Hold A between the second and third fingers from the pinky.
    2. Hold B between the index finger and the thumb on your left hand.
    3. Take C with the thumb and index finger of your right hand.
    4. Use your right index finger to grab A from the left hand.
    5. Bring it under B and over C.
    6. Use your index finger to carry over C, as you simultaneously grab the hair from the row underneath

Tips :

  • You need about 5 cm. of hair if it’s very curly, and at least 7-9 cm. of hair if it’s straight, for cornrows to hold. One should not have to pull your hair very tightly in order to braid it. Precise braiding and the right product, not extra tension, is what keeps a style.
  • Some people with straight but very dry hair get pretty good results from “sumo wax”. It is more like a hair grease, where aqua wax is closer to a super moisturized or oily gel.
  • Make sure that you have set aside plenty of time. Cornrow styles often take a long time to complete. You can estimate somewhere between 10-15 minute for each row. Have some things around to amuse them, if you’re styling a child’s hair. The television, toys, something. Kids get antsy after a few minutes.
  • Even grownups need some diversion, and breaks too. Take a break every half hour to hour, depending on your and their endurance. Relaxing music and comedy movies help to pass the time.

The braided hairstyles gallery :

And here’s the video tutorial!

Source: Youtube

These were just a few variations of the braided hairstyles that you can try. Braided hairstyles is never go out styles. So, don’t hesitate to experiment yourself into the variety of braids. For women in all ages, these hairstyles make them look cute, stunning and gorgeous in all the time!


Happyyy braiding!❀❀❀❀







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