The Gorgeous Beehive Hairstyles for Women

Whether you’re looking for some extra height, extra volume or you just have a deep penchant for huge hair; the beehive is the perfect style for you. The Beehive hairstyle developed from early 1960′s bouffant styles and is still one of the most recognizable symbols of the decade, becoming almost completely obsolete by the start of the ’70s. Other ’60s hair trends focused on minimalist cuts, with Vidal Sassoon leading the way. The beehive was a good option for anyone missing the lavish styling focus of 1950′s hair.

To create beehive hairstyles, you will need to have medium length hair or long hair for desired height and volume. Also with practice you can also achieve a beehive hairstyle at home.

Things you need

  1. Setting lotion
  2. Comb or brush
  3. Bobby pins
  4. Hairspray

The Steps

  • Wash your hair and towel dry.
  •  Comb it out and apply styling cream to make your hair smooth.
  • Use an elastic band to secure a ponytail on top of your head.
  • Divide the ponytail into five or six sections.
  • Roll each ponytail section up with hot rollers.
  • Remove the rollers once they are cool. Take ponytail out. Do not brush hair out.
  • Spray curls with hairspray. Make sure to spray the roots of your hair. This will give you a strong base to build on.
  • Divide your hair into manageable sections.
  • Comb each section of hair one at a time clockwise in a forward direction up to your crown. Pin each section down with bobby pins.
  • Keep building upon the base of curls carefully. You want to join the sections together and build height.
  • Hairspray your beehive after all your hair is wrapped and pinned into place.


  • If you have short pieces of hair or fly-aways that won’t stay in the beehive, just use hairspray to smooth them down. Wrap your beehive hairdo in a scarf to protect the style. Add different hair accessories, flowers, gems, ribbons, tiara, combs or even a veil to give flair to your beehive hairdo.
  • It takes patience to create this hairdo. If you can’t do it yourself go to a salon.

The Video Tutorial taken from Youtube

[[ Beehive Hair Tutorial ]]

The Example Styles of Beehive Hairstyle

The beehive hairstyle is an iconic fashion and beauty symbol of the 1950s and 1960s. The beehive was a national success in America in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It also spread to other parts of the western world, becoming a favorite hairdo of many women across Britain and Europe. The hairstyle appealed to women of all ages. Heldt herself was 79 years old when she created the hairdo, and it gained a following in a range of women, those who visited the salon every Friday to have the style professionally done to high school girls who created it for themselves using makeshift rollers and hairspray. These hairstyles really adored by many women at that time. This classic hairstyle suits for every occasions and super versatile!








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