The Gorgeous 1930′s Hairstyles

The 1930s Hairstyles have made a comeback!  As you can see most stars wearing them on the red carpet. With celebrities like Katty Perry, Dita Von Teese and Taylor Swift wearing vintage hairstyles on the red carpet, it was not long before everyone wanted to sport them.  Hairstyles of the 1930s were influenced by the major events happening in the world.

The Great Depression was in full force, so funds for glamour were limited and more women learned to style their hair at home. This classic hairstyles is often used by 1930s women in every formal occasions. There are some variations of 1930s hairstyles that you can try, let’s take a look!

Finger Waves

The finger wave, or water wave, originated in the 1920s and was often used to create a curly look for the bob. However, finger waves were also used with longer styles, and the technique survived into the 1930s. Victoria Sherrow, author of “The Encyclopedia of Hair,” describes how wet hair was styled, one side at a time, into a series of waves set in place by six to ten combs or pins and covered until the hair dried, resulting in defined waves. The style was so named because each wave is shaped by the stylist’s finger and ends up roughly finger shaped.

Brush Curl

The brush curl is another style that became famous during this time period. For this hairstyle, women would twist the ends of wet hair tightly around the index finger all the way to the root, pinning the curl in place and drying. Once they were dried, the pins would be removed and the springy curls would frame the ends of the hair. The top of the head would feature a tight finger wave or pin curl to highlight the tightly curled ends.


The 1930s was a time of Hollywood blondes, and women sought to emulate that glamorous look. Influenced by Jean Harlow, a Hollywood starlet with almost white-blond hair, many women flocked to the salon to get their hair bleached, or did their own hair at home. Superstars Ginger Rogers and Carole Lombard also influenced many women to become blondes. Ginger Rogers often wore a combination of finger waves and pin curls.

Up or Down

By the late 1930s, women were pinning back their long locks — usually in a looser, rolled form. Tucked under or turned up — the styles maintained softness, elegance and were less intricate. Even the popular spiral curls were loosely pinned at the nape with bobby pins.


Very common during this period for all events, from casual to the most formal, were hats. Greta Garbo made hats all the rage in the 1930s. The small hats were worn angled downward over half of the woman’s face to achieve a shadowed look.

Pin Curls

Popular for short hair, pin curls were achieved by applying setting gel and rolling the hair into a curl with the fingers. The curls were held in place with bobby pins until they dried.


Made popular by movie actress Bette Davis, the upswept look required many bobby pins to hold the hair at the crown. The ends of the hair were often curled and arranged on top of the head.

The Pictures of 1930s Hairstyles for Women:

The 1930s hairstyles were extremely sophisticated and full of artistic flair. Classic hairstyles require some time to master, but once you know the basic techniques you can create any classic hairstyle you desire.








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