The Glam Layered Hairstyles 2012

Layered hairstyle is One of the most popular hairstyles of all time. Layered hairstyles suit almost all face types and hair types. If you are planning to get a layered hairstyle, then you should know about the new trend of layered hairstyles. This year, we have glam layered hairstyles that are employed to enhance the appearances. The glam layered hairstyles 2012 is about making an impression and elegant, glamour looks for every women who like to wear it. Some ideas of these hairstyles are mentioned below. Keep reading…


Long and Layered

Long, layered hair, with side bangs that cover the forehead, is glamor and stylish. The hair must be about midway down the back. The layers should start at chin length, and continue all of the way down. Style the layers using a curling iron so that they curl towards the face. While the bangs in this style should sweep to the side, they will actually cover the forehead once styled in place. Mist the hair with hairspray when finished styling it.


Layers are also attractive in straight hair. They will add texture and movement to the hair. To give straight, layered hair an edgy look, cut bangs into the hair. The bangs should hang down to about eyebrow length. Lightly spray the hair with hairspray to keep them in place. To add shine and make the hair smooth, use a straightening iron. A shine serum adds polish to the style.


Long, loose sultry waves are beautiful and feminine. Use mousse and hot rollers to create these loose waves. Long layers in the hair make the waves more bouncy. Long bangs in soft curls frame the face. The hair should be quite long, several inches past the shoulders. Finger comb the curls to make them loose. Use an anti-frizz serum on the hair to tame any flyaway hair.


A medium-length hairstyle with lots of razor-cut layers is both sexy and sassy. It also frames the face. Layers are cut throughout the hair, so that the top has more volume than the bottom of the hair. The ends of the hair will appear choppy and can be styled both flipped out or curled in. Choppy, eyebrow-length bangs finish off the look.

Glam Layered Hairstyles 2012 example pictures


These were are some ideas of glam layered hairstyles 2012. A layered hairstyle is a very versatile hairstyle and it suits most hair textures, be it fine, wavy or straight. To get the perfect glam layered hairstyle that suits your face structure and hair type, talk to your hairstylist about the kind of look you are aiming for. If you have very thick hair, then ask your stylist for a layered hairstyle in which hair at the sides is thinned out. For women with thin hair, short layers cut at the crown and back of head can give hair a voluminous look.






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