The Funky Medium Hairstyles For Women

If you have a medium hair and looking to add a little zest to your style, get a new change, then funky medium hairstyles can be your option next. Creating great funky hairstyles can be as easy as changing up your usual products and styling tools. Altering one’s hair to be funkier requires imagination, creativity and patience.

Celebrities who have mastered funky hair have stylists and experts who work around the clock to get funky-inspired hair ideas. You can master funky medium hairstyles with a few ideas below.

Edgy Styles

One haircut especially popular with teens is the punkish, layered look with long swooping bangs and short layers in the front and back. This look can be versatile if you need a professional look for work but desire a wild look on the weekends–simply tease or curl the layers for your “party” look. Another versatile look is the blunt bob. While this look can appear sleek and professional, you can flip the edges with a curling iron or tease your hair for a wild look. For naturally curly hair, have your stylist play with layers. One example is to thin the hair around the bottom while leaving a thin layer of curls sticking out from the main tresses.


An Emo cut draws inspiration from the punk and indie music scene and is a style that is heavily razored and colored for a stand-out-from-the-crowd look. The style is very jagged with bold layers cut with a razor throughout the hair. Many Emo hairstyles also incorporate bright colors, such as random slices of color in the hair. You can use hair wax to style emo hair to define and tease layers into position. Heavy blunt-cut bangs or side-sweeping bangs give contrast to the rest of the hair and frame the front of the face.

The Curls

For a sexy 1950s pinup style that none of your friends will have the guts to wear, then try a Marilyn Monroe curls. Although you may think that replicating her look takes several hours, it is fairly easy to pull off and requires a 25-minute time commitment only five of them being hands-on. Place hot rollers in unwashed hair; place large rollers at the top of the head, medium rollers on the sides and small rollers at the bottom. Allow rollers to completely cool (about 20 minutes) before removing. Run your fingers through your hair to slightly break up curls; brush out bangs; and spray hairspray for a lasting look.

Medium Layered

Tapering ends, flipped-out or curled ends can be incorporated in layered cuts. You can create an illusion of length and volume by layering your hair at the back and at the sides. The number of layers and the length of the top layer will differentiate one layered hairdo from another. For those who have straight hair, choppy layers with side swept bangs will surely work wonders.  Since blunt bangs might not look good on all, you can incorporate side swept bangs to your wavy hairdo. Those who want to sport a funky look can get a razor hairstyle with asymmetrical bangs. Adding color highlights is also a great idea to spice up your look.

Razor Cut

Another funky medium hairstyles is razor style, this funky medium hairstyle involves chopping your hair with a razor that leaves your hair with sharp looking ends. This haircut really looks cool on women with straight hair. Similar to this haircut, are choppy haircuts. In this haircut, your hair are literally chopped with a special scissor that gives an edgy look to your personality. These haircuts are one of the best medium haircuts for women with bangs. These haircuts look better on younger women who are looking for something trendy and chic. There is a lot of scope for them to play with the length of the bangs.

The Pictures of Funky Medium Hairstyles

Funky medium hairstyles are all about making a bold statement, either through color, texture or twisting. There are many ways to accomplish a funky style, and most of them don’t require going to a hairstylist.



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