The French Braid Headband

The french braid headband is a highly popular hairstyle which gives you a defined look.This type of style suits almost all hair textures and it also brings back old world charm. The French braid headband is not very easy to style but once you have had a little bit of practice, you are ready to go. The best thing about this braid headband is that the style is a classic and makes you look youthful and fresh. You also need the right styling products if you want your headband to look perfect.

How to Create?

Here are the instructions for a french braid headband with simple techniques.

  • Tilt your head to one side, and brush all the hair back away from the ear you will be starting at. The ear you are starting at should be facing the ceiling, with the rest of your hair falling downward.
  • Looking in the mirror and using a comb, draw a line from the top of starting ear, up across and over to the top of the finishing ear, combing all the hair forward from the line into your face. Brush the remaining hair in back of the line into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Face your starting ear toward the ceiling again and comb the free hair from in front of the line across your scalp, making a smooth path where the headband will go.

  • Use your fingers to make three sections from the first strands at the base of the front of your ear and braid tightly.
  • Continue to add hair to each section of the braid as you make your French braid across the front of your head. The hardest part will be keeping the braid flat and tight without getting a crick in your neck. It’s sometimes best to not look in the mirror but to do it by touch. Rotate your head as necessary as you make your way across.
  • When you reach your other ear, finish the braid off with a regular braid, using a rubber band at the end. This will be a long extra piece of braid if you have long hair.

  • Let your ponytail loose from the back, and fluff your hair to its regular style. You will need a bobby pin to tuck the long piece of braid behind your ear and keep it hidden. You may also want to bobby pin any loose or bumpy parts of your French braid headband.

Or if not you can go see the video of french braid headband tutorial below!

French Braid Headband

Source: Youtube

The pictures as an example of french braid headband ;

This is a very clean and classic style and can be worn to any casual or formal event. You might not be able to get the perfect French braid headband the first time, but with a little effort and practice you are sure to get it right.








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