The Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Today, i’d rather to discuss about the fishtail braid hairstyles. In my opinion, this is one of the most feminine and sexy braid hairstyles evah! even this braid is really easy to do.  You can wear this braid for every occasions, for school, hang out with bestie, or just study at home? it’ll suit you well! Usually, this braid work best for shoulder-length to long hair.  This is also one of the best styles for kids, due to the thin strands of hair that make the entire braid.

The fishtail braid is similar to a French braid, with the only difference being the thickness of the strands. Those cascading strands taken from both sides of your head are very thin in case of fishtail braids. There are many technique to create the fishtail braid. You can go with one or two sections, from messy to the sleek one, or baby to huge braid! And also you can combine it with waterfall braid, or make it like a bun updo for formal event. If you once to do it correctly then next time, you ONLY need less than 5 minutes to make a fishtail braid! But if you’re a new beginner, no worries, below are some steps that will help you to create the fishtail braid hairstyles;

Things you will need:

  • Wide toothed comb
  • Rat tail comb
  • Rubber band
  • Mirror
  • Shine serum
  • Hairstyling spray


  • Brush your hair with the wide toothed comb, so that there are no kinks or tangles.
    Take two equal sections of hair from both sides of your face about 1 inches deep. Comb these sections towards the crown, making sure that the sections lie flat against your head.
  • Now cross the right section over the left section and pull them against each other so that they are held tightly.
  •  Next use the rat tail comb, to lift a section of hair from the right side, just below the first plait. Add the new section into the section on the right side.
  • Now cross this newly made right section over the left section and pull it to tighten the braid.
  • Again use the rat tail comb to lift another section of hair from the left side and add this new section to the left hand side hair.
  • Again cross this new left section of hair to the right and pull it tightly. Continue in this way, crossing alternating sides until you have reached the nape of your head.
  • Secure the braid with a rubber band and apply some shine serum for a polished look. Spray with a hair styling spray to secure the style.

Side Fishtail Braid

A unique and attractive twist on the classic fishtail braid hairstyle is the side fishtail braid. It looks less severe than the French fishtail braid and is perfect for women who have very sharp and defined features. It gives a slightly messy look and it is just right for women who prefer some hair to frame their face. The side fishtail braid looks great with an off shoulder dress. For creating this hair braiding design, you have to work with hair that has been washed two to three days previously.


  • First, brush your hair with a wide toothed comb to make sure that there are no tangles.
  • Now slightly dampen your hair with water and then apply a volumizing spray or mousse to the entire length of your hair.
  • Blow dry your hair and secure your hair in a low ponytail with a deep side parting.
  • Bring all your hair to one side, preferably opposite to that to which the hair is parted.
  • Begin braiding the hair by first dividing the ponytail into two sections.
  • Take a small section of hair from the right hand side and then bring it over the left hand side. Repeat the same step on the left hand side.
  • Continue braiding the hair in this way until you get to the end of the ponytail.
  • Secure the end with an elastic band and pull out some ends to give it an edgy appeal.

If you need some video tutorial. Then let’s check it below!

Source: Youtube

The Fishtail Braid Hairstyles Pictures

That was the easy steps to create and some pictures of a fishtail braid hairstyle, the key to create this braid is always practice, practice, practice and patient! but like i told you before, this is oh-so-really-easy to do. So, don’t hesitate to try this out by yourself. Just gather all the things you need and create interesting looking fishtail braid hairstyles. Even you can experiment with different styles like the long French braid and fishtail braid style, the side French braid and fishtail braid style, the mini fishtail braid, or pigtails of a fishtail braid. You can also go with a Dutch braid and fishtail braid. Styling elements add a dash of whimsy to this relatively simple design. Incorporate ribbon, feathers, barrettes, headbands, or whatever hair flair you may own. Just don’t stop with a basic side braid! Try twisting your fishtail into a gothic-looking updo or add more flair by adding a headband. With a handful of bobby pins and hairspray, the possibilities are truly endless. Honestly, I HEART these braid! i always wearing it everyday and i hope you too girls! :D









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