The Facial Shapes Hairstyles for Women

Tired wondering which haircut suits your face shape? Whether you have a round face or an oval one, you definitely need a guide to help you determine which the best hairstyles for you.

Don’t Worry! In this article will help you to find out which facial shapes hairstyles that the perfect ones.


It is the most perfect and pleasing face shape. That is why we see so many models and film stars, who are considered the epitome of beauty, with oval shaped faces. Women with an oval shape face can wear any length of hair whether short, medium or long, as all are suitable to this face type. One thing that women with an oval face should avoid is wearing such hairstyles that make their hair fall on the face, as this tends to hide the naturally good shape of an oval face.


An oblong face is defined as one that is more than 60 percent longer than it is wide. The most flattering hairstyle for this face shape is one that adds width and fullness on the sides, around the cheekbones and eyes. The goal in choosing a hairstyle for an oblong face is to make your face appear more oval than long.  Soft, rounded bangs can help dramatically reduce the lengthy appearance. Layered styles of a medium or long length are favored over chin-length cuts. A middle part and too much volume at the crown should be avoided at all costs.


Those with a square face have the problem of softening the sharp facial features of the strong forehead and angular jawline. Wispy layers of a short to medium length style help create flowing movement. It is better to have wavy or curly hair with a square face to give it volume, especially at the crown. Straight bangs, blunt cuts and thin hair only accentuate the hard angles of the face.


Long hair or chin length hairstyles, with a side parting and swept forward layers on the upper face are most suited for a woman with a heart shaped face. Hairstyles such as a bob cut which is chin length, or those with a bang, which adds fullness to the upper face, balance the wide cheekbones and the narrow chin, and thus, suit a heart shaped face.


Detract from a round face with the use of angles. Round faces are the same length and width but have a full appearance with a round hairline, cheeks and chin. Cheeks and ears usually have the greatest width. A haircut should attempt to add angles to the face. Good hairstyles are long layers that cut into the cheeks or chin, and a side swept bang for an angular effect. Keep away from any styles that add width, like an all one length bob or very short cuts. Also avoid any full bangs or fullness around the ears. Fullness should be at the crown, so layers should be through the top. Hair should be kept longer that chin length.


Diamond face shapes are characterized by a narrow forehead, wide cheeks and a narrow jawline. Some may also have a pointed chin. The trick to finding a flattering hairstyle for a diamond face shape is to find one that reduces height and creates a soft look for the angular features of this type of face shape. Haircuts and styles that have layers that kick out to the side, or even waves or curls that add volume to the sides, will create width and balance out excessive length of the face. Styles that come out at the sides also create a softening effect for such a bone structure. You want to look for styles that add width or volume, such as chin-length bobs, or cuts that are shoulder-length with wispy layers. Avoid any style with a lot of height at the crown, especially short styles. You can still try short styles, but keep them flat on top and cut side bangs to flatter facial features.


  • Layers work well in just about every facial shapes hairstyles. It’s a great way to add volume and body to your hair.
  • The trick is to highlight your best features and play down the others you like less.
  • Talk to your hairstylist if your not sure what your face shape is.

Faces Shaped

Consult with your hair stylist if you cannot determine your face shape. Most hair stylists know the basics of face shapes and what hair styles to choose with them. Try to change up your hair style and ask others for their opinion. Once you find a hair style you like try to do subtle changes to keep your style looking new.

The Facial Shapes Hairstyles Pictures

Lastly, don’t get a hairstyle that ONLY based on trends, but on how it will flatter your facial features and make you look brighter and lighter, and bring out your natural beauty. You can decide whether that trendy hairstyle will suite you based on your facial structure. Knowing your face shape will guide you toward choosing an appropriate style that can hide your flaws while highlighting more flattering features. We hope some facial shapes hairstyles above will help you to decide. Those locks are sure to impress anyone! Go ahead and style your hair in the best way!



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