The Fabulous Cornrow Styles for Women

Cornrows are a traditional African hairstyle involving braiding the hair closely to the scalp. This ancient art form goes back to 500 B.C. during the Nok Civilization of Nigeria. Cornrow has evolved over time with styles ranging from straight rows to complex geometric and curve designs.

Cornrow styles can be classy, sporty and fun. Cornrow hairstyles are convenient as they can last for several months when properly maintained. For women, there are many creative ways to wear cornrows. Cornrow styles for women can be complex, requiring hours of work.

Cornrow Up-do

Alicia Keys is a celebrity that often sports a cornrow hairstyle. Her creative cornrow up-do can be worn by women to work and as an evening hairstyle. Alicia wore thin cornrows in the front in a crisscross pattern and pinned the back of her hair up into an intricate bun full of curls and braids. Regina King, pictured on Beautiful Hairstyles, wore a similar up-do. Her style consists of all of her hair in cornrows with a wave pattern towards the back to create a high up-do. Tie your up-do cornrows up at night to keep them looking neat and frizz-free for the next day.

The Cornrow Mohawk

Although they are completely different hairstyles, combining a mohawk with a cornrow style can actually produce a very textured and retro-modern look. There are two key styles: a straight mohawk with cornrow sides or a front-braided mohawk. The key to the straight mohawk look is getting the stylist to braid the hair on the back and sides upwards into the central line that splits your head vertically. From there the hairstylist should gather and mold the remaining hair into a mohawk shape; for a really funky look you might consider pretending you’re back in the 1970s and frizzing or curling the top of the hair on your head into an afro “disco” mohawk. The front-braided mohawk, on the other hand, is essentially one loose-braided cornrow. Achieve the look by gathering the hair tightly around the nape of the neck and then braiding the hair upward and forward over the head. Make the look a little more modern and unconventional by clipping or shaving the sides of the head to a low grade.

Straight Back Cornrows

Another cornrow styles for women is where there are about 12 to 15 braids of medium thickness (about a half inch to an inch wide) running straight backward from the front hairline to the very nape of the neck. The braids can then continue down the back, hanging loose, or you can leave the rest of the hair straight and un-braided or wavy. This is a very simple, understated, yet elegant and feminine cornrow style, which is perfect for both casual and semi-formal settings.

Circular Cornrows

A circular cornrow style runs forms a series of braided half circles starting at the front edge of the hair (there is a part down the middle) inward to the back crown of the head. Sometimes the braids overlap a bit. This can be finished off with a bun or ponytail. The braids can be thin (less than a half inch) to medium in size. This is a complex style that you need a very experienced hair braiding professional to create because it is difficult to make all of the circles come together just right. It’s a striking yet casual hair style that is fine to wear in everyday settings.

Example Pictures of The Fabulous Cornrow Styles for Women

This style exposes portions of your scalp to the sun. Apply sunscreen to your head before venturing outside. Cornrow styles for women are really nice for every occasion. Even celebrities often create striking cornrow styles on the red carpet. Cornrow styles can also display your social status, age, religion, kinship and ethnicity. Visit a stylist to get the best result, they can braid your cornrows in a pattern that suites your personality.




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